The Way I Am

Album: Marshall Mathers LP (2000)
Charted: 8 58


  • In this song, Eminem responds to the people who expect him to do certain things and behave a certain way. He asserts that he will not change to appease record companies, fans or critics.
  • The beat is the first one that Eminem produced on his own. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Donovan Berry - El Dorado, AR, for above 2

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  • Michael from Las Cruces, Nm@Vince: Dude, that was amazing. xD
  • Star from Hollister, Ca"I'm not gonna be able to top on "My Name is... "
    This song was his response to the record company who was pressuring him to make another funny song similar to his first hit single 'My Name Is'. Shortly after he made this song he came up with a similar song, "The Real Slim Shady". The pattern has continued with some of his latter albums where he picks more humorous songs as the first singles/music videos from his albums: "Without Me", "Just Lose It", and "We Made You".

    This pattern also shows up on the D12 albums as well: "Purple Pills" (called 'Purple Hills' on TV/radio) and "My Band".
  • Sean from Denver, CoHe uses the same tune from this song in "Kim"
  • Vince from Tucson, AzI can't tell if Cortney is being sarcastic or is just very shallow. I could easily go get a friend, have him go on some insane guitar solo, then scream random syllables into a mic, but that would be far from good music.
  • Marla from Los Angeles, Ca"when a dude's getting bullied and shoots up the school, and they blame it on Marilyn..."
    He refers to the Columbine shootings, where the media blamed it on Marilyn Manson, even though both shooters had said that they HATED Marilyn's music and didn't listen to it. The only reason they blamed Marilyn is because the guys had worn trench-coats a few times...completely stupid.
  • Cortney from Grand Junction, CoEminem made a remix of this song with my personal hero,Marilyn Manson!It is alot better because ther is some elec. guitars and screaming and,well,that always makes a song better!Dont you think?
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