Heart Attack

Album: Sex + Love (2013)
Charted: 88
  • The second single from Enrique Iglesias' second bilingual album was penned by the Spanish singer with:

    Lead singer of the San Francisco-based alternative Hip-Hop group One Block Radius, Marty James.

    Rome Ramirez of the American ska punk group Sublime with Rome.

    Niles Dhar under his production moniker of The Cateracs. The latter also manned the boards for both this track, and Iglesias' previous single, "Turn The Night Up."
  • Igleasias told Ryan Seacrest that he can identify with the song's meaning: "I don't know why we do that. I think both girls and guys, we do that to ourselves," he said. "But it's happened to all of us and it's a story we can all relate to... and you think you've learned your lesson and it can happen over and over and over again."

    "The way I look at music and write songs," Iglesis added, "it's like when you go to the movies, and some songs are more real and some songs are more fantasy."
  • The Colin Tilley directed video tells the story of what led to a couple's break up. Iglesias co-stars in the clip with When a Stranger Calls actress Camilla Belle.


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