Father of Mine

Album: So Much for the Afterglow (1997)
Charted: 70
  • A scathing attack on deadbeat dads. It was based on lead singer Art Alexakis' father. He says it is one of the very few songs he has written that is autobiographical.
  • In 2003, Alexakis told us: "My feelings for my father haven't necessarily changed, but my feelings about myself after writing that song have been much better. It was kind of a catharsis to put those feelings into words, it's a way for me to get things out of my system. The song 'Wonderful' is very much like that too."
  • Art doesn't speak with his father and can't be sure if he's heard this or not, but he knows that his stepsisters, who were raised by his dad, weren't happy about this song. (Check out our interview with Art Alexakis.)
  • As it states in the song, Alexakis really did get Christmas cards from his father containing $5.
  • Alexakis testified before congress on March 16, 2000 to endorse a child support bill.
  • This was remixed and included on Hope In Hockeytown, an album celebrating the Detroit Red Wings back-to-back Stanley Cup Victories.

Comments: 13

  • Gus from Fort Smith, ArI listen to this song a couple of times a year just to keep myself grounded and doing the best I can for my son.
  • J from Austin, TxListen to the wounds of this man, we're all wounded by our father but this is so commonplace. Why? It takes great courage to put this out there. God can heal, just humble yourself and ask him. Don't take my word for it, try it. You'll never know if you don't try.
  • Emma from Boston, MaInstead of song reminding me of my father, it really reminds me of my brother who a lot older than me, who meant the world to me when i was little, and then he got up and left home barely ever talks to me since. The sing really explains all of the emotions I have towards him.
  • Mollee from Philadelphia, PaMy sister and I used to listen to this song together, neither one of us has seen or heard from our father in over 11 years. I love Everclear almost too much.
  • Heather from Newark, OhI love this song, but instead of it reminding me of my dad, whom I love and respect, it reminds me of my mother who is the deadbeat. She was gone when I was 17 with a younger brother and sister. It's definitely not just the dads that are the deadbeats.
  • Angela West from Tomball, TxAll Everclear's songs seem to run parrallel to my life! Nothing like Everclear to numb!
  • AnonymousI LOVE EVERCLEAR...but the one things that really stands out (especially about the lead singer's lyrics) is that they are so universal. I mean, look how many people have responded to it!
  • Vanessa from The Colony, TxI think that a lot of emotion was put more into this song rather to other songs which make it very meaningful and awesome. Vanessa, The Colony, Tx
  • Sarah from Chicago, IlI like and can relate to the lyric "Father of mine tell me what do you see when you look back on your wasted life and you dont see me"
    My didn't leave but he doesn't have much to do with me
    anyway good song
  • Leon from Waterbury, CtI can completely relate to this song.
  • Indy from Charlotte, NcFirst song I ever heard during which I had to stop my car because I was crying.
    Very powerful and descriptive of a lot of kids of divorce.
  • Nick from Arlington Heights, IlI would disagree with the statement that this is one of the "few" autobiographical songs by Everclear..it seems to me that every song they have done is either about heroin addiction or Art Alexakis' childhood..
  • Jon from Grand Forks, NdThis song sold me on Everclear. If you don't get it, just enjoy the guitars
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