Album: Fifth Harmony (2017)
  • Fifth Harmony reject their idealized "good girls" image on this hip-hop influenced track, preferring to be true to themselves.

    Who said I was an angel? Oh, yeah
    (Never took the time out, never had time to figure me out
    When you look at me)
    When you look at me, what do you see? What do you see?
    Open your eyes, I'm more brilliant than you'll ever be
    Who said I was an angel?

    The girls are channeling their dark side as they call out their ex-lovers, questioning why they called them angels.
  • The song was written and produced by Los Angeles electronic producer Skrillex and Poo Bear. Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd has been Justin Bieber's go-to hit writer since the two met in Las Vegas at a 2013 party. He penned Skrillex, Diplo and Bieber's triple platinum single "Where Are U Now" as well as eight other songs on the Canadian pop star's Purpose album.
  • The stylish video, directed by David Camarena is a visual ode to women calling out their ex-lovers. Normani, Lauren, Ally and Dinah leave their halos behind as they lash out their verses. Ally Brooke Hernandez commented to The L.A. Times:

    "This is the dopest video we've ever done. It's visually stunning and we look like we're in our element with such fierce attitude that reflects in the song."


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