Burn It Down

Album: War Is The Answer (2009)
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  • Guitarist Zoltan Bathory paid tribute to singer Ivan Moody's vocals on this track to Metal Hammer: "Ivan is very much the middle finger of the band, and this track proves there's no danger of him running out of anger! When he came to put the vocals down, his actual words were: 'I'm gonna torch it!' And that's where the title came from! Ivan The Arsonist! There's no singing here, this is full-on rage from start to finish, but for all that, it's still pretty catchy."
  • Bathory explained to Kerrang!: "It's mainly about how f--ked up people can be, but also how a lot of the time it's the people in power who are the most f--ked up of all. It's a song that can be taken on a political, social or personal level."
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  • Thomas from Springfield, MoThis song speaks to me on the level that Bathory describes and on a more focused level. I see this from the stand point of a troop fighting an insurgent enemy. "Think you're a martyr, not hard to see, you wanna rule the F---in world, you gotta get through me" "you think I'll burn for my actions, see you in hell I'd burn it down..."
    Only really two lyrics that support this, but what you can take from the music, is what you can take from the music.
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