Hard To See

Album: War Is The Answer (2009)


  • This is the first single to be taken from Los Angeles metallers Five Finger Death Punch's sophomore album, War Is The Answer.
  • Guitarist Zoltan Bathory said of this brooding track in publicity materials: "It's about seemingly irresolvable differences. It's valid in just about any setting: politics, religion, relationships… Everything is 'only an opinion' based on limited information, yet people sometimes get attached to their point of views to the extreme… in fact, to the point they would launch wars over them."
  • The band name's was inspired by the ultimate death blow in the Quentin Tarantino movie, Kill Bill.
  • Bathory explained to Metal Hammer why this was chosen as the first single: "This one was our original choice to open the album, and now of course it's the first single & video. It was maybe the seventh or eighth song that we recorded, and it was pretty obvious that it should be the first single. Y'know, radio is pretty conservative here in the States so I guess we could have led with one of the slower, more obviously cross-over tracks, but that's really a path we didn't want to go down, to launch our campaign with a slow song… Actually, it's something of a miracle that radio plays our music at all – I mean, 'The Bleeding', which had huge exposure here, isn't exactly a ballad, but it made a powerful statement both musically and lyrically, and I think 'Hard To See' is the same… a wolf in sheep's clothing!"

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  • Ian from Ragama, Sri Lanka (ceylon)I really love the little piano sound going underneath. It sort of give classical & a sad touch to the song... Love it...
  • Thom from Oz, KsI love this song, the main guitar riff bears a striking similarity to another great (although a tad soft)song called "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak, maybe you've heard it? I want to hear a mashup of the two. Reminds me of the NIN song "Capital G" that matches Tears for Fears' "Everybody Want to Rule the World" someone made those into a mashup called "Rule the Capital" Trent Reznor likely made it that way on purpose, considering how the two songs titles make a perfect add-on political title.
  • Dylon from Grant, MiGood song. im wirting a book and this song really discrobes the relation of two of the kingdoms in it. just like the meaning says.
  • Anto from Numurkah, AustraliaDoesn't beet there older stuff but still good. I added songfacts for there olfder songs a couple of months ago but it must still be processing :S
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