Album: The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell (2013)


  • Max Cavalera contributed vocals to this song. Vocalist Ivan Moody told Tom Murphy of the Denver Westword: "I'm a huge Sepultura and Soulfly fan. So that was just a no-brainer. I asked Max, and he was so happy to try something on this."
  • Cavalrea cut his part in his native language as per the band's instructions. "The funny thing is that when he sent it back to me, he sang his parts in Portuguese and nobody told me that," recalled Moody, "so I'm sitting the studio and I'm listening back to the track and I ask, 'Did he change the fu--ing lyrics? Did he not like the song?' Zoltan [Bathory, guitar] was sitting next to me, and he says, 'Dumbass, it's in Portuguese.' And I was like, 'Ohh! That's great.'"
  • Guitarist Jason Hook explained in a video track-by-track interview that he tracked his guitar just after Moody laid his vocals and he was taken aback at how pounding the song was. Trying to figure out what he would do, Hook came up with a shred guitar part that he feels is one of the coolest parts of the album.


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