The Way of the Fist

Album: The Way of the Fist (2007)


  • When asked if the title track from Five Finger Death Punch's debut album was calling out anyone in particular, the band's vocalist Ivan Moody told Blistering: "Well, there are a couple guys that aren't on my Christmas list anymore if that's what you mean. That one and the other song called 'Meet the Monster' are about the guys in Motograter and other bands I've toured with. You always hear about it but it's true, the second you're not in the scene anymore people won't answer your calls and they forget about you and that really crushed me. It just got to the point where I needed to tell people how I felt and there was never going to be a phone call or me standing on their doorstep yelling in their face, so the best way for me to portray those feelings was through a song. I think there were people that definitely wanted me to go away and there was even some people that wanted Motograter to go away, but I will never lay down because I'll always die trying."


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