Red Sam


  • The title comes from the names of band members JaRED Hartmann and SAMeer Bhattacharya.
  • In a TVU spot, lead singer Lacey Mosley said: "It's kinda personal, some of the stuff about it. But its really just about how I got saved. I guess when I was 16, before that I was atheist, and then I had all these things. Like I was really just kinda studying to figure out what the truth was, I guess. Then my grandpa was really, well he was having a heart attack at that time, like his 12th heart attack that he had. So I was really upset, and it was like right about that time when I guess God brought me to a place where I didn't have anything or anybody and it was the only way that I was ever going to look up and see that the only thing constant and the only thing I could depend on was God. And that's when all these supernatural things happened, and He like showed me that He was real and that He really loved me and that He wanted to do something different with my life and that's why I was alive. And so that's when I got saved." >>
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    Tim - PGH, PA

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  • Allie from Bellevue, Nethe acoustic version is awesum
  • Sasha from Miami, FlCool Song love FlyLeaf
  • Julia from Richland, WaI like the acoustic version of this song! P.S. I'm a believer too. =)
  • Derek from Muncie, InI love the song and i became a belive last fall at a concert and be for i got saved i was athist and im 16.
  • Jordan from Okc, OkRED SAM IS COOL
  • Cortney from Grand Junction, CoI am an atheist but i still listen to fly leaf belive that this is their best song.
  • Carmen from Harleysville, Pathis is an amazing song!
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