Album: Much Like Falling EP (2007)


  • Lead singer Lacey Mosley explained this song before a performance at Six Flags: "This next song is about a girl that I met when we were on tour... she was burned from her head to her feet. She didn't have any hair, and her nose was burned off, and her ears were burned off, and it was really hard to look at her. And she came up to me directly and she said I wanna tell you my story. She said, 'When I was younger I thought that if I got married and had kids I'd live happily ever after. And then when I did get married I was in love and everything and we had our first kid and we started to fight. We fought every day and it got worse and worse to the point where he was beating me every day. And I didn't wanna wake up anymore.' And she said, 'So I put gasoline over myself and set myself on fire to kill myself.' And I sat there and I was just looking at her just in shock and I didn't understand why she was telling me all this, because she just looked so honest and vulnerable. And she was like, 'I just wanna tell you because when I was on fire I was burning, I was in so much pain that I prayed for the first time in my life and I said, 'God if you're real, please take my pain away' and at that moment I went into a coma and when I came to, then I knew, I knew that God was real because he heard my prayer and so I wanna tell you that so that you'll believe in God and that you won't waste your life like I did.'

    And that's the whole point of this song, that I wanna tell you guys that you can go through your life and you can go through your emotions and whatever you're doing and not live life to the fullest. And this woman, she showed me her driver's license picture from before she was burned, she was so pretty. She was so pretty she could be on a magazine cover. And at that moment she just looked so beautiful to me because beauty is not about this [points to head/body] and that's what she was showing me, she was saying, she was pleading with me, 'Don't waste your life like I did, use it for God, you know for God' and that's what she was telling me. So the whole thing was this, she was being selfish and when you're depressed and when you feel like that you think about suicide. You know that's something that I've dealt with my whole life, since I was very small, very little. I always had dealt with that and really it's all about you thinking about yourself. It's very self-centered. And suicide is a very selfish thing and that's what she was showing me is that when she came back was that her life wasn't about herself anymore, it was about everyone else around her. And that's what she was telling me. So that's what I wrote this song about. It's called Tina." >>
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    Tim - PGH, PA

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  • Warbi from Grandview, WaIt might be selfish to commit suicide, but it is selfish for others to expect you to carry on when some days are so bad that you can't even get out of bed. It is *your* life to live or not as you see fit. Emotional pain can be so much stronger than physical pain.
  • Shadow from Depression, Va*middle finger to the "selfish" part* ._.
  • Allie from Bellevue, Newow i luv the meaning of flyleafs songs...they realy mean sumthing and aren't just about love and all that other crap they try to say something and most ppl dnt c that.
  • Sasha from Miami, FlI was left speachless....
  • Clara from Brisbane, AustraliaTina's an amazing song and Lacey Mosley's speeches are always amazing - it makes me want to live life again to the fullest. Clara
  • Alaysha from Houston, Txaww mam that is SAD :(
  • Ana from Monroe, AfghanistanTina is my fav song , it's a sad story but it's also motivating that she turned her life around
  • Jordan from Okc, OkThat's sad and she has a really good point I really like the song Tina it's one of my favorites.
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