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Album: All Things Must Pass (1970)
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  • This song is one example of George Harrison's compassion. The "Scruffs" were hippies (mostly female) who hung out at Apple Studios (well, actually Abbey Road), not bothering anybody but handing out flowers, panhandling and just being near the music. Of course, everyone looked down on them, including the other Beatles. Harrison saw them not as bums, but as human beings dedicated to their passion, the Beatles' music. >>
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    Randy - Beaumont, TX
  • The "Scruffs" were always hanging around outside the studios. When Harrison finished this late one night, he invited them in to hear it.
  • All Things Must Pass is a triple album produced by Phil Spector that was Harrison's first solo effort after The Beatles broke up. When he finished the album, Harrison wrote this note to three of his favorite Scruffs: "Dear Carol, Cathy and Lucy. Now it's finished - and off to the factory. I thought I'd tell you that I haven't a clue whether it's good or bad as I've heard it too much now! During the making of this epic album (the most expensive album EMI ever had to pay for) I have felt positive and negative - please and displeased, and all the other opposites expected to be found in this material world. However, the one thing that didn't waver, seems to me, to be 'you three' and Mal., always there as my sole supporters, and even during my worst moments I always felt the encouragement from you was sufficient to make me finish the thing. Thanks a lot, I am really overwhelmed by your apparent undying love, and I don't understand it at all! Love from George (P.S. Don't hold this evidence against me.) P.P.S. Phil Spector loves you too!"

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  • Emma from Barry, S Wales, United KingdomSomeone above said George had a fling with all the Apple Scruffs....not dare you say that. We were not groupies, we were just young gilrs who adored the Beatles.

  • Emma from Barry, S Wales, United KingdomHello Scruffs:

    This is Emma. I was actually appalled to see my pictures in Carol Bedford's book. How on earth did she get hold of those pictures. Like a lot of the comments above, I felt that the book was not entirely true. I was one of the girls who went into Paul's house, and the way Carol writes about it, it was as if she was there, but she wasn't. So that didn't sit well with me. As for George making a pass at her I very much doubt it. Anyway, I could go on but just wanted to say hello to everyone. I remember Sue-John well, and Margo and Lucy and Gill...oh gosh...I was thrilled to see some of you on here. I have lived in Arizona for the past 32 years, and I am finally returning to England on July 16, 2013. A reunion would be amazing....wonder if we could pull it off!
  • Lorraine from Guernsey, United KingdomOh my I have just read Apple Scruffs how amazing your experiences were, so lucky. Wow I hope you all manage to meet up again.not quite finished the book I can identify with the Scruffs I have met well known people in my job and you are amazed and in awe when you meet them but they are just people. If Carol is unwell tell her I am a Scruffs fan luv and kisses to her.I was a little kid when they were a group, but I would have done the same. I would love an autograph from them or email it would be an honour to receive from Carole or Sue-John etc.
  • Cath from Brighton, United KingdomHello all
    Cath again. I wondered if any of the Apple Scruffs, or Ben the nurse at the London Hospital would be able to get in touch with me, just to email me, about this Beatles project I am working on. I have read Carol Bedford's book 'Waiting for Beatles' and would very much like to get in touch with her. But I would so much like to talk to Jill (Gill) or Sue-John or any of the Scruffs about this project. The project is for OVOW Productions. We have the support of Apple.
    Many thanks - my email is: ''.
  • Cath from Brighton, United KingdomHello - I am researching for a feature film about the Beatles and would love to be in touch with any of the Apple Scruffs! My company is called OVOW (One Voice One World) and we are producing a film entirely made up of archive footage and stills. I have bought 'Waiting for the Beatles' from Amazon and hope to get it tomorrow. I am so moved by the story of the Apple Scruffs. Beautiful. If you are able to get in touch to talk about this project, please could you email me ''. I will get straight back to you. All the best, Cath.
  • Jpgrfan from Venice, ItalyHi.
    I just read Carol Bedford book, and I was looking arount on the web to see where she was now, and found the above comments (don't know if they're recent or not...). Does anybody know anything about her? And what about the other Apple Scruffs? Thank you! :-)
  • Lyn from London, United KingdomBen, the nurse at the London Hospital where Carol Bedford was a patient - I wonder if Carol is still with us. I would visit her if she is. Tell her my name is Lyn, she will remember me. Thanks.
  • Caryn from Satellite Beach, FlI just happened to stumble on this trying to find out what Apple Scruffs meant. All I can say is that George is my favorite Beatle, and this confirms it - he seems to have been a wonderful person. I wish I could have been an Apple Scruff!
  • Gill from Birmingham, United KingdomHi Ben,

    I was one of The Apple Scruffs and knew Carol very, very well. I am really sorry that Carol is so unwell, and would like her to know that what happenend then, when she wrote the book is in the past. It's gone and we have all moved on. She was very close to Margo, Nancy, Dani & I and I know we would all want her to feel she is often in our thoughts and for so long we have wondered where she was. Please give her my love and if at all possible let me know where she is, & how she is if you can get in contact I would be so appreciative.
    Gill Pritchard. She may remember my name spelt as Jill
  • Marsha from Saginaw Michigan, MiBen give us a address so all us Beatle fans espically one's who knew Carol can send cards.Sounds like she needs to be cheered up and felt loved.Us Beatle fans are good at that....we had good teachers.... The Beatles!
    Marsha Saginaw Michigan USA
  • Marsha from Saginaw Michigan, MiTo Ben in London.I am so sorry to hear that Carol is so ill.I will pray for her.I knew Carol; she and I went to Libertys to see the Ringo and Robin furniture on display.We saw Ringo being interviewed by the BBC.Carol was very kind to me.
    Marsha Saginaw Michigan USA
  • Lyn from London, United KingdomI have the book, "Waiting for the Beatles", by Carol Bedford. My husband bought it for me from an internet site a few years, I found it after googling Carol Bedford. I knew her quite well from about 1997 until 2000 after which I left my job and we lost touch. I found her telephone number a few years ago and rang it but it was unobtainable. I know how very ill she was (I worked at a hospital where she received treatment), and have wondered since if she is still alive. So Ben if you have any news of Carol, please say "Hi" to her from me. I would love to know what happened to her, would even visit her if I could. She was an amazing woman but, as you know, very sick. I loved the book.
  • Ben from London, United Kingdomi know carol bedford. i,m a nurse at a top london hospital for long tearm care, she is 1 of my patients. she thinks that no likes her because of her book. i will tell her of some of the lovely comments i have seen here. she has 1 friend who visits from time to time but no 1 else. sad really.
  • Breanna from Henderson, NvI love this song. It's so brillant and it makes me wish that I could of been born earlier so I could be an Apple Scruff, it seems like it would be quite fun.
  • Ray Dukes from Philadelphia, PaThis song has always made me feel good. I bought the "All Things Must Pass" Album when it came out in 1970. I wore that out then bought the cassette tape, wore that out, then bought the CD. My favorite album that has been produced after the breakup of the Beatles. I saw George in Philly on his Dark Horse Tour in 73.
  • Marsha from Saginaw Michigan, MiTo SueJohn.I have a wonderful photo of you wth Ringo I took on the steps of Apple if youm want a copy.Marsha
  • Marsha from Saginaw Michigan, MiMy name is Marsha and I spent time on the steps with the Apple Scruffs.I let a Carole bed down in my room at the YMCA in London.Have letters from Emma and had a tour of Apple wthe Hollie who got the job as tea girl.Neil invited us in for tea with him. if you are a scruff and remember me please contact me at also trying to contact Pat Miller of london.I tear up every time I hear Apple Scruffs
  • Gill from Birmingham, United KingdomIt's wonderful to see you on here Sue John, don't you find it amazing how so much rubbish exists regarding the Scruffs. Margo is still very much around and would love to know how you are.How do we get in touch? Let me know what you think
    Love Gill
  • Albert from Milwaukee, CaLove the Scruffs, Love the Song, Love the Beatles, Love One Another -- after all it was and will alway's be about LOVE when you come down to it or The Beatles
  • Chloe from St. Louis, Moits so george-ish to write a song to the devoted fangirls, unlike the others who in some interviews i've read were pretty condescending towards them. i consider myself an apple scruff, who cares if i wasnt born until thirty five years later...
  • Sue from U.k, EnglandIf carole, Jill or indeed any other scruffs are out there, please get in touch. Wouldn't it be great to have a reunion!! Suejohnx
  • Gill from Birmingham, United KingdomLike Sue John & Carol from London, I was an Apple Scruff. I think an awful lot about the Scruffs has been misinterpreted. The other Beatles did not look down upon us, in fact a magazine used to be published by the Scruffs that George, John & Ringo used to have copies of.

    I would urge people to try to see were reality began & fantasy ended with Carol Bedford's book, sadly she upset quite a few people including George.
    Apple Scruffs was played to us about 6am one Sunday morning by George himself, Mal came out onto the steps at Abbey Road & took us into studio 3 to hear it.
    Believe it or not I ended up working at Abbey Road, which was a fantastic experience.
  • Jan from West Midlands, United Kingdomhaving read waiting for the beatles (a applescruffs story)it is the only book that gives a true account about the scuffs and beatles at that time.thanks Sue john and carole for your comments l only wish l could have been there.
    hari krishna
  • Ethan from HelsinkiWhat an uplifting song, I do think! ^_^
  • Sue from U.k, EnglandWhat a lot of rubbish has been written! I came upon this by chance, the nearest to the truth was from carole in london. George was great as were the rest of them. I know about the Applescruffs because I was one!! Suejohnx
  • Bonni from Melbourne, AustraliaI just finished reading "Waiting for the Beatles" by Carol Bedford, who was one of the Apple Scruffs. It's a really good read, I highly recommend it. It'll certainly give insight into who and what the Scruffs were and what their relationship to the Beatles was. They weren't hippies in the usual sense (not everyone in the 60s was a hippy). They were the world's most dedicated fans and would "wait out" for hours at a time just to get a glimpse of the Beatles, say hell, give them gifts, etc. The Beatles cheating on their partners, yeah, I believe that, but that's not what the Apple Scruffs were about, and it's not what the song is about. They even produced their own magazine! I haven't been able to find any books by anyone named John Calloun, so I can't comment on whatever's written in any book he may have written, but going on the words of one Apple Scruff and comments I've read elsewhere by other members of the collective, they weren't groupies in the usual sexual sense.
  • Kyle from Midwest City, OkGeorge did in fact have a massive orgy with these girls. Just read John Callouns book.
  • Bonni from Melbourne, AustraliaThe Apple Scruffs weren't hippies and they weren't trying to get into bed with The Beatles. They were teenaged girls who were very devoted fans. They'd sit outside the studio and Paul McCartney's home and just wait to say hello or get a glimpse. George was moved by their devotion and adoration, and felt that their love helped him to complete "All Things Must Pass".
  • Dóra from Debrecen, HungaryThis is a great song, how I love it, how I love it...
    By the way, no, he did not cheat on Pattie with all Scruffs he met at this time! There was only a certain Maralyn, but it's not like he did not care that he had been married... you can read about this time in any book, e.g. All Things Must Pass can tell you (hopefully) correctly what things happened during this period in Geroge1s life. :)
  • Krissy from Boston, MaIdk if George cheated on his wife. But Danny makes a good point. In the end George was divorece to Pattie so she could marry Eric Clapton one of George's best friends.
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaThis is a great song
  • Danny from Upstate, NyCarole, even if he wasn't promiscuous with this particular group of women (I have no idea about that), you shouldn't even have the faintest thought in your mind that the Beatles didn't all cheat on their respective wives and girlfriends. They did. A lot. This was especially true in their early touring years when they were just like any other rock stars, with groupies and that whole scence.
  • Carole from London, Englandthe apple scruffs were not hippies they were young girls who loved the beatles! they didnt look down on us because they always spoke to us and we made friends with some of the staff in apple. all the stuff about george cheating on his wife is not true!
  • Calum from Edinburgh, ScotlandHow do you know he had it off with the Scruffs?
  • Har from Toronto, CanadaAhem...the part that is not so moving is the fact that Harrison cheated on his wife with the Scruffs. While I greatly respect the Beatles as musicians, and Harrison is my favourite Beatle, I don't see why this song is considered a display of *compassion*, rather than lust.
  • Loretta from Liverpool, EnglandIt's so George to treat the fans like people and invite them in. He was great.
  • Chet from Greenfield Center, NyI first heard this song in 1983 when I was 12 yrs old. I had to go out and buy a harmonica just so I could learn how to play this song.
  • Phil from Rotorua, New ZealandA book was produced by a member of Apple Scruffs. It is/was in most NZ interemdiate school libraries, and the account of the Scruffs' devotion to The Beatles is at times moving, confirming Harrison's compassion.
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