Album: The Cold Hard Truth (1999)
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  • This song is basically the true life story of George Jones, who overcame drug and alcohol addiction.
  • The year this was released, Jones was supposed to perform it on the televised CMA Awards. The CMA's wanted George to perform about 30 seconds of the song directly before a commercial break, so George backed out of the performance because he refused to perform only part of the song. During the live awards show, fellow country singer Alan Jackson rebelled against the CMA's and stopped his song "Pop A Top" midway and started into the full version of this. >>
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  • Rumor was from backstage at the CMA's after Alan Jackson broke the format and performed "Choices" on the awards show he walked straight out the back door saying, "That might be it for my career." Of course, it was anything but. George Jones saw Jackson's performance on TV at his home, and applauded the effort. A couple of years later, Jackson used the CMA awards to perform, for the first time, his post 9/11 tribute "Where Were You." >>
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