Kissing A Fool

Album: Faith (1987)
Charted: 18 5


  • This single continued George Michael's string of solo hits, but it was a major departure from his typical sound. It's meant to recall jazz and the blues of earlier times, which was reinforced with the black-and-white music video. This helped introduce him to a new audience, as it reached #1 on the Adult Contemporary charts.

    Michael wrote the lyrics, in which he expresses his uncertainties about finding romance due to the baggage of his past relationships.
  • This was the last of six singles to chart from the Faith album. >>
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    Mike - Santa Barbara, CA, for above 2

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  • Victoria Ana-tolian Semenenko 02.10.1976 from UkraineDespite got to say there was not exactly that side of fame really scared me in George but his narcissistic as I surely knew he didn't love as actually never going to...
  • Victoria Ana-tolian Semenenko 02.10.1976 from UkraineAnd about being "lucky" I don't know if being finally raped as disgarded that is really a kind of that being an object of narcissistic man desire as actually exactly this song exposes idealization stage in a circle of narcissistic abuse.
  • Victoria Ana-tolian Semenenko 02.10.1976 from UkraineThe video was filmed September 16th 1988 in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Viktoria Semenenko from UkraineAnd Mare Soir is absolutely right in interpretation.
  • Viktoria Semenenko from UkraineYes, this story is about George Killing a Snake by his official story so I was really affraid of his spear as Real Life Victory just because exactly a snake is an important life symbol in many cultures so in mine too. I never was a suicider.
  • Susan from Airdrie, -He was so talented. Well, still is. It's a shame what happened. Hopefully he'll release an album and wow us all again. :)
  • Mare Soir from Oceanside, Ca I think this song is about a person who was afraid to get involved with his celebrity: "I'm never gonna be your star." Also he may have thought she was influenced by the people around her:"You listened to people who scared you to death and from my heart." It is a heartbreaking ballad.When I heard this song, I thought how lucky the person accused of "kissing a fool" was and that the inverse had to be true! Noone would ever reject this artist unless there was a reason that noone including the person involved or the artist could ever understand. It sounds like a tragic love affair thwarted by some dark mystery.That's just my thought. Art is art. If it is not autobiographical it leaves one to wonder.
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