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Album: Hesitant Alien (2014)


  • The lead single from single from Gerard Way's debut solo album, Hesitant Alien, the former My Chemical Romance frontman penned the song with his guitarist, Ian Fowles of The Aquabats. It finds Way using various musical terms to describe his love for a girl.
  • Speaking to NME about Hesitant Alien, Way said he was inspired by "struggle, beginnings, finding a newness in the mundane and the abstract."

    "I looked to the Britpop poets like Jarvis Cocker and Damon Albarn, drawing upon everyday life," he added. "I also experimented with the abstract, and looked at Frank Black's work both with the Pixies, and as a solo artist. There was no concept and no call-to-arms."
  • The song's music clip was directed by multimedia artist Jennifer Juniper Stratford. Way said on a Reddit AMA: "The video for 'No Shows' came a lot from 70's television, and also Shock Treatment, a film by the people that made Rocky Horror."
  • Way told MTV News this was the song that made it clear what the overall vision of his post-My Chemical Romance direction was going to sound like. "That was the song that made me feel a sense of not needing to be a part of a larger thing in order to kind of fit in somehow," he said. "It was kind of very liberating, you know? It's about not needing a scene or anything like that. It was about directly not having anything to do with the scene I came from, and it made me think of being 16-years-old and not feeling a part of it back then."


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