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Album: American Idiot (2004)
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  • The title refers to the state of the United States at that point in time. It speaks of a nation controlled by the new, biased media, and how the singer is not part of a "Redneck Agenda" discontent with how things are going. It was released during the 2004 presidential campaign, where George W. Bush was re-elected. >>
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  • Green Day performed this at the 2005 Grammy awards, where the album won for Best Rock Album. It was also nominated for Album of the Year, but lost to Ray Charles' posthumously released album, Genius Loves Company.

    The title track was nominated for Record of the Year, Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals, Best Rock Song, and Best Music Video Short Form, but didn't take home any of the prizes.
  • Weird Al Yankovic parodied this song as "Canadian Idiot" on his 2006 album, Straight Outta Lynwood.
  • On the Nickelodeon TV show All That, they make fun of the TV show American Idol with a sketch called American Idiot.
  • This is one of three Green Day songs that is also the name of the album it comes from. The others are "Warning" and "Revolution Radio." >>
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  • Samuel Bayer, who did the famous Blind Melon video for "No Rain" (the one with the bee girl), directed the "American Idiot" video. He did a few other Green Day videos as well, including "Wake Me Up When September Ends" and "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams."
  • Billie Joe Armstrong was inspired to write this after hearing a jingoistic Lynyrd Skynyrd song being played on his car radio, whilst driving to the studio. He told Q magazine May 2009: "It was like, I'm proud to be a redneck and I was like, Oh my God, why would you be proud of something like that? This is exactly what I'm against. When he got to the studio, Armstrong furiously penned this song. He said: "I looked at the guys like, Do you mind that I'm saying this? And they were like, No, we agree with you. And it started the ball rolling."
  • Billie Joe Armstrong told Spin magazine in November 2004 regarding the American Idiot album: "It's about the confusion of where we're at right now. My education was punk rock - what the Dead Kennedys said, what Operation Ivy said. It was attacking America, but it was American at the same time."
  • When asked by an VH1 Storytellers' audience member if anyone who voted for George W. Bush was an "American Idiot," Billie Joe Armstrong replied: "No, just a misinformed idiot."
  • The band's longtime producer Rob Cavallo wasn't certain they could pull off the American Idiot album. He told MTV: "The truth is, when they started making American Idiot, they were each living their own separate lives, and no one was really sure how the chemistry was going to be, They all had to deal with a lot of personal stuff before they could be great again. And when they first came to me and said, 'Let's get the band back together and make the best rock record we can,' I wasn't totally sure they could do it."

    Once they got in the studio, Cavallo was impressed with the band's dedication to the project. He continued: "They had all made a commitment, and I was lucky enough to be there at the beginning of that commitment. I'd go up there on a Monday and leave on a Friday, and we'd be in the studio 12 hours a day writing and conceptualizing. They were so focused and so invigorated that honestly, my main role was to be their coach, telling them that I believed in them. They did the rest."
  • Green Day had to start the album over from scratch after the masters for around 20 songs were stolen from the studio. "We had completely finished these songs, and we were getting ready to mix them," Billie Joe Armstrong explained to MTV. "We walked out of the studio and came back the next day, and all of the masters had been stolen … but [American Idiot] was about making mistakes and fixing them."
  • With the help of theater director Michael Mayer, the band adapted the American Idiot concept into a one-act stage musical. The rock opera, which follows the story of three troubled youths living miserably in suburbia, debuted at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre and moved to Broadway the following year.
  • In 2006, grocery clerk Paul McPike sued Green Day, alleging that he'd written "American Idiot" and the other songs on their album way back in 1992. McPike's evidence consisted entirely of a copy of the album and a claim that the lyrics sung on the album didn't match those in the sleeve notes. The US District Court Judge suggested he could file a more detailed copyright infringement complaint in the future.
  • The 2007 Simpsons Movie boasted an "American Idiot: Funeral Version" played on an organ after the band's fictional drowning in Lake Springfield during a performance on a barge.
  • In July 2018 a Facebook campaign was set up to get the song to the top of the UK charts in protest against President Donald Trump's visit to the country. At first, it looked like the track might break into the Top 10, but it finished the week of his UK visit at #25.
  • This song came top of a list compiled by South China University Of Technology of the most dangerous songs to listen to in the car. According to their research, listening to higher tempo tunes is more likely to make you drive faster and risk dangerous maneuvers. Songs with more than 120 beats per minute (BPM) have the most negative impact, and "American Idiot," with a BPM of 189, came top of their tally. It was followed by Miley Cyrus' "Party in the U.S.A." and The Killers' "Mr. Brightside. Led Zeppelin's " Stairway To Heaven" was considered the least dangerous.

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  • A Novice Guitarist Wi from Waukesha WiI love so many different genres of music. I am not the best at breaking down songs and assigning to them into different groups. It isn’t something that focus on. I just listen and enjoy! I can experience and enjoy music differently depending on my emotions and mindset that I am in the given moment. There are a lot of artists and bands that I love love and respect; some of which only write a song or two that I find appealing.

    I LOVE the energy in this song! I also respect the courage that they have voicing their thoughts, beliefs, and feelings; whether I agree with them or not! When I hear. “well, maybe I’m a faggot, America”, it sounds as if he is stating that people are going label, stereotype, and just flat out be jerks at times. But who cares! Sarcastically saying “well, maybe your right”, to me, is a way of laughing off something that is false or something that someone else doesn’t or can’t understand. I think it’s a positive, non destructive but powerful energy used to block out what others may think about his sexuality.

    The political views in this song don’t phase me. There are problems on both political sides. The line, “Welcome to a new kind of tension... where everything isn’t meant to be okay” to me, means that there is a problem or discomfort that we don’t understand how to solve or alleviate the pain that comes with them. “Where everything isn’t meant to be okay” to me, means that everything happens for a reason. Perfect is boring. Accepting the downfalls and imperfections allow us to work through and grow as a nation and in other parts of life. But I am looking to go rock out at a concert, not political debate! Back to music!

    This is definitely one of the songs that I would like to learn and master on my guitar, along with millions of other songs! I think that it is pretty cool how some artists out there can write a song that is so unique, that it can mean something different to the same listener! But to each their own!

    Keep calm and rock on, whether it is classical, punk, emo, or some silly mix between rock and another genre! “Let there be rock!!!”
  • Joaquin from Txyeah just dont be offended by his view of politics i mean everybody has their own view i mean get real
  • Reeeeeee from Nice Try LoserWas billie (singer for greenday) offended by candian idiot by weird al lol
  • Piper from San Francisco"my stool is loose, I share a needle with goose, try to eat, try to fry, yesterday is the only goodbye....."

    Green Day- Dookie 1994

    these lyrics are so funny, looking back it was a fun time
  • Ori from TexasJesus, guys, shut the hell up about politics
    this was 2004
    I shall repeat again
    two thousand
    and four
    For everyone's sake, don't open your mouth about your political opinion if it's drastically one sided. Misinformation goes both ways, as the media you see is based on what you like or want to see. Some of y'all are masochistic in that sense. This is a good satirical song that makes fun of both sides (mostly conservative, but grow the hell up). I'm honestly closer to conservatism than the latter, but not by much. Both sides will do something great, someone blindly follows that, and they blame all the negative on the other side. Your prius has a flat? It'S tRuMp'S FaUlT! Your truck has a faulty suspension? ThOsE d--N lIbErAlS rUiNiNg EvErYtHiNg!
    Society won't thrive until it realizes it only runs with all four tires on the ground. George Washington's wishes for no political parties would've saved America and made it an ideological powerhouse if they were followed. People are too far up each others' a--es to be united.
    Those of you who made it this far without p---ing your pants, congrats! Maybe our country isn't screwed after all.
    And those of you looking at a song's comments for a political opinion (including mine)? Why, this is literally Songfacts.
    Lastly, about the song? Good but overplayed song.
  • Jim from MarylandI think this song can be over analyzed....
    I don't believe he is saying everyone is an American Idiot. However, I do believe he is saying that a large percentage of Americans allow themselves to be swayed by whatever the media throws there way.

    He is not saying he is not an American, but he is simply saying he doesn't want to be an idiotic American. He refuses to be swayed by the media's bias and propaganda for whatever agenda they have.

    It just seems like a pretty simple message to me.
  • Trevor from Indianapolis, InSo many people talk about how Green Day's style changed from Dookie to American Idiot and how they can't stand them now. Yes, there is a major difference between the two, but just because Dookie is great doesn't mean American Idiot is terrible or vice-versa. Go listen to Let's Dance by David Bowie from 1983, then listen to Uncle Arthur from 1967. His sound dramatically changed, but both songs are good. Or look at ABBA; Waterloo and The Visitors are completely different albums from one another, but both are very catchy. For someone to say they used to like Green Day until they changed their sound, and now they hate them altogether is pretty dramatic, don't you think? If you don't like American Idiot, don't listen to it. But don't completely give up on a band because they don't sound the same as how they did in 1994.
  • Guy from Benson, NcWil from Dilwyn, VA....Are you serious? You sound like a teenager who has a minimal grasp of reality and American politics. Conservatives can't "repeal" anything, but most have been fighting against abortion. If you understand the US Constitution then it should never have been an issue in which the federal government was involved. Then again, liberals tend to push things they want into "law" through judicial fiat. You want to know what Obama has done that is so bad. One big example is his use of the NSA to SPY on Americans and people all over the world. Another example is his debacle known as Obamacare. He will go down as the worst POTUS ever. Jimmy Carter thanks him every day for taking that label from him. Silly kids.
  • Haley from Indianapolis, InBest Band Ever! :D . . . and Billie . . . you are one sezzaay mofo x'D
  • Rosyy from New York, CaI am to believe that this song is saying

    "f--k corporate america
    - MINDf--k AMERICA!"
    He does not want to be an American Idiot. The sounds of hysteria can be heard all over the radio and the TV.

    "Well maybe I'm the faggot America" but he's not a part of the redneck agenda.
    Well he DID say he was bisexual. But never a redneck!
  • Sydney from Dallas, TxThe message of this song is to really just do what you want. I really like the song, and I like that it speaking out against the media. Some of it is just annoying. Please keep in mind as you read this and plan your execution of me, I am American born and breed. From the Thirteen Colonies. Man, media was nothing back then. It wasn't until around the Revolutionary War that it started up.
  • Mike from Roanoke, VaAs much as I detest Green Day (bubble-gum punk, in my opinion), I liked the message of the song.
  • Wil from Dillwyn, VaYou conservatives are not even real conservatives. You moan about how the liberals are whining yet you do the same thing yourself. You claim you hold up traditional values and yet you use profane and vulgar language. I have yet to find a conservative that actually has repealed abortion. Since the conservatives can't even be conservative, I have lost all faith in them. George Bush WAS A FOOL. He got this country into a recision and yet you never say anything about him. What has Obama done that has been so bad??? Tell me now I want to know.
  • Randall from Franklin, KyI wonder if Billie Joe realizes that Armstrong is a "redneck" surname? The Armstrongs were notorious border reivers. I'm guessing not.
  • Miles from West Linn, OrI love this song but oh gawd the new fan dumb is obvious here D:
  • Lexii from Altoona, PaI think you all who are on this site Bashing "American Idiot" need to think about the kids who use this website. Honestly grow up if you dont like the song dont listen to it find something else to listen. This song is filled with true facts and they are true you just to afraid to admit it. Thank You for reading this.
    BTW I do like this song but there are some things i dont agree with but i'm not trashing them about it. so please for the sake of youngsters STOP AND THINK BEFORE YOU POST!
  • Davíd from Woburn, MaThis song is a satire of everything the US was in 2004: Conservatives dominating (and almost ruining) all three branches of the government, Liberals complaining about everything the Conservatives did through CNN and NPR and the American people's obsession with pop culture. Green Day was making fun of themselves too by accepting that they became a part of the pop machine. I'm about as liberal as they come and I think this is a hilarious song
  • Indigo from Adelaide, Australiahey, people who want to discuss politcal issues, find somewhere else to do that. this is a great song, but i think the lyrics are actually kind of basic, and there are better songs on the album.also, there earlier albums are much better, with a raw sound to them.
  • Mike from Denver, CoScott in New York said it well bro. America is the land of hope and freedom. if u dont like it...GET THE F--K OUT! no one wants to hear your whining liberal opinions. Bush keep this country afloat for 8 years. i like to see Obama do better. he hasnt given me change at all. i havent seen him do a goddamn thing but give speeches about making promises that he cant f--king fulfill. America is everything every other nation wants to be. except for goddamn terrorist people that worship satan. And no, we are all not fat and rude, you just use that as an excuse to rip on our country. the media (the same one in this song) makes our world looked f--ked up. they might as well say there was a gang rape, a gun fight, a terrorist threat and a drop inthe economy. there is nothing good in the news. hardly ever do you hear something peaceful and worthwhile. i cant believe some people rip on bush for a war. we went foward to defend freedom and to destroy the terrorist bastards that bombed two of our buildings, what do you want to do? be like france and sign a f--king peice of paper, telling Nazi germany to not invade us? yah, BULLCRAP! same with other counries who wuss out of war, they try to sign treaties and not fight. well, no one has attacked America (except peral harbor) because they know we will f--cking fight back and not let them lay a dirty terrorist finger on our beloved soil. Countries that attack and be strong will not die and will not collapse because we have guts and we will not be pushed around. America is the blessed land of god and the soil of truth, hope and freedom. this song just makes me SICK
  • Jed from Ringgold, LaDid Bosnian Idiot seriously just try to use the stupidest American stereotype ever as an insult? Oh, my God. That hurt. Because we're ALL sadistic, overweight nerds.
  • Zack from Albany, NySeptember Heaven, There is no possible way that Green Day is the modern day Beatles, They've done nothing ground breaking that has changed music. The only band that's close to being a modern day Beatles is Modest Mouse.
  • Carrie from Roanoke, VaI'd love to know what Skynyrd song Armstrong was talking about.
  • Scott from New York City, NyGreen Day is a piece of s--t. Who the f--k do they think they are? Calling everyone in America an idiot...God, these idiot are why liberals shouldn't run the States. If you think that Green Days songs are correct, then get the f--k out of America. And Kalyene, the song says that Americans listen to the media to much. The media clearly states every day that global warming, bombs, terrorists, ect are going to kill us. So how can we think the world is happy when we listen and believe a media thats says the world is f--ked? I am done hearing people say Americans are stupid. If we are so stupid, we would not be able to build the largest corporations in the world. Whenever you buy a computer, 99% of the time its from an American company.
  • Joe from Ashland, KyI cant understand why people that hate america just dont get the f--k out of here. And green day doesnt havent a clue what or where the term redneck comes from. As for a bad media. I agree the media in this country does lead people astray... if your a dum ass mindless drone who cant think for your self. Im sure the BBC is top notch and speak only the truth. Saying all americans are idiots just because they're americans is stupid. Of course Im sure green day doesnt except any american money from their record sales in the USA... they couldnt possibly except money from idiots?
  • Brad from Lexington, KyWow Matt from Texas... I don't think you realize you are EXACTLY the kind of "redneck agenda" person talked about in this song. And I don't like Lynrd Skynrd either. And how is it hypocritical to call someone a redneck if you aren't a redneck yourself?
  • Derek from Shrewsbury, Mato september heaven never ever compare anyone to the beatles they were the greatest rock band to ever exist on earth they might share one quality that you love them or hate them but but other than they are not alike in the slightest the beatles are simply the best they arent even classifide as normal they are abnormal with abnormal talents and mindsets greenday is an ok band but thats it they are mediocer and anyone can be just like them the beatles can be imitated but not duplicated greenday is very easily duplicated!!!!!
  • Matt from Houston, TxWe never said they cared. Cynthia is right. thier not punk, and american idiot just no where near the quality of classic rock operas. And who the hell doesn't like lynard skynard. everyones entitled to thier opinion, but to deem redneck as an insult is kind of hypocritical. by doing this album green day was just getting paid to say what everyone knows already. I don't like to label bands but green day is just a band trying to talk politics and rebellion and they don't know how.
  • Isis from Oil City, PaSeriously there talking about news channels and other bands that want you to think how they do Green day Couldn't give a f--k about what you think about them.
  • Cynthia from Scranton, PaWake up everybody!!! Green Day are not remotely punk the Ramones and the Sex Pistols and the Stooges were better than green day's best on their(Ramones' et cetera) worst days! if you can appear at the nickelodeon kids choice awards, you are not a true punk band! and if we are gonna classify American Idiot (the album) as a rock opera on par with Tommy, Quadrophenia, or the Wall, i will eat my metaphorical hat!
  • Kat from Chicago, IlTo September Heaven:

    "Some of you may hate me right now becuz I'm speaking my mind and possibly becuz some of you may think that the Beatles are crappy or something and wondering how I can relate them to the Beatles?"

    No, I think you're ridiculous because GREENDAY is mediocre and I'm wondering how you can compare them to the Beatles. Not because the Beatles are crappy.

    I like this song for its bluntness and the neat exchange between vocals and instrumentals at the beginning. Also, rock operas are awesome.
  • September Heaven from Lawton, MiGreen Day is coming out with a new album FINALLY called 21st Century Breakdown coming in May. . .hopefully they make a great follow up to American Idiot. . . .so EXCITED!!! I would just like to say that Green Day is the modern Beatles. .there's a mass majority that likes them and then there is the people who absolutely hates them. They speak their mind through their music and people don't like it. Some of you may hate me right now becuz I'm speaking my mind and possibly becuz some of you may think that the Beatles are crappy or something and wondering how I can relate them to the Beatles? Just the fact that they speak their minds.-SeptemberHeaven
  • Marie from Budapest, HungaryI dont think green day liked it that much wen they started to influence and brain-wash the american media. This song isnt biasd. Billy Joe keeps saying he doesnt want to tell other pple wut to think, but to just think 4 themselves. He also sed something like punk is dead and i fuking killed it, becuz punk isnt really punk if its trendy and popular.
  • Adam from Yarmouth, Mewhat you just said is completly true thanks for pointing that out
  • Angeline from Downey, Caaccording to green day, we're "a nation controlled by the media", but aren't they also a form of media giving us a lesson?
    so they're basically doing the same thing they're singing against.
    does no one else see this little contradiction?
  • Austin from Smallsville,new England, --After this song was released some fans accused Green Day of selling out.
  • Bob from Dumbsville, BelarusGreen Day is the greatest band that evr lived! How dare anyone insult them! Their next album is rumored to be coming out late this year. Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre forever!
  • Adam from Yarmouth, MeI agree with Joe from Bellingham there is no way these guys are punk rock they suck. the Sex pistols, the Ramones and the clash they are punk these guys suck.
  • Ethan from Syracuse, NyVery good. Great Vocals and mini guitar solo
  • Sara from Alexandria, VaI like how this song is very literal and to the point. Usually, I value songs that are obscure and meticulous with hidden meanings (very rare) but this one should be IN YOUR FACE. People don't get the message, unfortunately. We know nothing of what's going on the world. We THINK we do, but it's only the lies that the Media fills our heads with. I've lived in the middle east for quite a while, and what an eye opening experience. I'm not saying that now I KNOW. But what I'm gonna say is that Americans should take matters into their own hands and search for the truth. Throw away your newspapers and turn off your TVs and Radios and do your own research!
  • Greg from Belgrade, MtJoe from Bellingham I can sympathize with you on the fact that you do not like this band. You have made your point. I can see that you like to ridicule and put people down because of how you feel. Let me ask you a question then. What gives you the right to do this? Yes, you have that little thing called the First Amendment, but does that little piece of information make you feel better and allow you to sleep at night? What you are doing it not degrading other, but degrading yourself for acting like a child. I would seriously consider growing up and opening your eyes before making more comments like this. If you look at other artist, other bands, etc. you will see that everyone take from everyone. Nothing in the world is original anymore. Everyone takes a bit from everyone else, but they takes these bits and make it their own. "American Idiot", both the song and the album, show that. Green Day felt the need to express themselves in this way, to show other how the media is corrupt. I should know. What happens in Iraq is far from what the media show us. Green Day just makes that obvious point in their song and in other songs. They are far from sell outs. They were able to take the feelings and emotions that some of the American people were and are feeling and make it mainstream so that these people finally had an outlet to what is going wrong in America. And yes, there are things that are wrong here in America. We as a nation are not perfect; ohh, we are far from it. And if you think that we are perfect and that everything it going well, then you are just ignorant ad refuse to open you eyes and see the hatred that other countries feel for us.
  • Bosnian Idiot from Babilon, Bosnia And HerzegovinaYES YES... Most of Americans are idiots... That American disease spreads all across the world.
    Typical American idiot weights 120kilos, eats hamburgers and fries for breakfast, lunch and dinner, spends 25hours a day in front of his PC, knows nothing about real life and enjoys watching those "weird" Iraqis dying.
  • Damien from Lewisburg, TnWow, I understand this is a forum,however, I still lack the understanding why people who dislike the topic at hand decide to ad a rant about the band. If you want to discuss something, by all means i like to see people's point of view,but you only show lack of intellect by getting on and posting, "GREEN DAY SUX THEY'RE FAKE EMO SELL OUTS, GO LISTEN TO A REAL BAND". I personally like Green Day(more they're older stuff than their newer stuff :) ) and you ranting on about it like that isn't going to make me stop listening to them. If you don't like them go to a forum about the "real bands" you
    post. I really, REALLY dislike rap but i don't get on rap forums and post nonsensical posts on them.
  • Pete from Tibshelf, United KingdomAmerican Idiot is Green Day'sbes album in my opinion. I hear lot of people say things like its not as good as their earlier stuff' or 'they sold out on american idiot'. I love a lot of their early stuff, but as a single body of work American Idiot stands above any other album. People who say they 'sold out' are, quite frankly, talking bollocks. Just because an album is comercially successful doesnt mean the band have sold out on their principals. quite the opposite in this case.
  • Matthew from Milford, MaAccording to my brother, this song, "Holiday", "Jesus of Suburbia", and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" are basically continuous with one another.
  • Chris from Jacksonville, FlDarknova: The stars do NOT always go on the left. The flag points whichever way the *wind* is blowing. Take a look at any military car, plane, or boat with flag decals. The ones on the passenger side have their stars on the right.
  • Sam from Lincoln, NeFrom his comment, it is painfully obvious that "darknova" doesn't quite grasp the notion of political dissent. That's EXACTLY what "American Idiot" is about. The song is also not the least bit subtle in the manner it delivers that message. If you don't get it, or if you're hung up about the way the flag is displayed in the song's video, you're either been living under a rock or you're part of the "redneck agenda" that Billie Joe Armstrong refers to in the second verse of the song and don't appreciate the reference. In darknova's case, I suspect the latter. And a few words about "pop" songs. The term "pop" is short for popular, meaning that pop songs are songs that are popular with the public at a given time. I realize a few of you might think of pop music as the teen oriented stuff you hear on the radio these days but that is what's popular because that demographic buys most of the CDs and music downloads. Further categorizing either the song or the band as punk or alternative or whatever label one wants to put on it is entirely the prerogative of the listener. The poster who commented that Green Day is a "punk" band is not entirely incorrect in that assessment, nor is the person who criticized her because the band is not as punk as The Ramones or The Sex Pistols. But then again, I don't either one is entirely correct either.
  • Madge from Limassol, EuropeMark is right. Everything that enters the charts is POP music if you are being precise. As someone who was around when the Sex Pistols started out my view is that they were a manufactured band who went out to shock people to sell records. Their persona was deliberately contrived and they ultimately became part of the establishment.

    Green Day are refreshing and I like their music. Great song and great album and clever video especially placing the American flag upside down to make a statement. The whole song is a political statement about America and good on them that they see through the media hype and have written a song about it. They have the freedom to poke a stick at those who are too blind or too lazy to see how they are manipulated by the media and politicians. The same sentiments could also be used to describe other countries.
  • Mark from Austin, TxActually, if you wanna get all technical, anything that's on the charts is "pop." Bob Dylan is considered "pop." (Yes, I know he's not in the charts anymore, but he was at one time. It's about the most extreme example I can think of.) That particular definition changes with time.
    As does "punk." At one time, only bands like The Sex Pistols and The Ramones were punk. But The Clash changed all that. They were always punk even when they were doing albums like Sandanista that were more dub and reggae than what we think of as "punk."
    So, yes. Green Day is punk in the same way that latter day Clash were punk.
    Even if they aren't technically punk, who cares? They're still cool and they say things that a lot of so-called "punk" bands are afraid to say.
    Of course, if you really want to be as technical as I was earlier, The Sex Pistols ceased to be punk as soon as they got a record contract with EMI.
    So, there.
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaNo way in HELL green day is punk! Listen to some real punk and then you'll see what sissy gay sh*t green day sings. AT BEST they are pop punk. If I could resurect Sid Vicious from the dead, he would spit in your sorry face.
  • Loz from Perth, Australiamarcu,

    its BILLIE JOE!!! and hes not gay.. he's bi

    anyone who can spell Billie Joe knows that
  • Chris Bedard from North Bay, Canadathis song is so gay i really love men-chris bedard
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaDarknova from springfeild. I've been trying to spread that same message for a while. you obviously know what your talkin about.
  • Darknova from Springfield, MoFirst of all in the video the flag hanging behind them is hung incorrectly. Stars are always supposed to be on the left. I guess that makes Green Day the real 'American Idiots.' Second of all every lyric in this song says absolutely nothing at all. In other words, they aren't making any real statements in this song. Everything in it is interpretable, and funny thing but the name Bush or George W. or even the lyrics 9/11 don't show up anywhere in this song. Which again only proves my point that the song makes no real statement. Third, I thought that only my little sister whined this much but the entire album is this constant woe is me, emo that can only be liked by junior high retards that are too ignorant to know that three cord pogo, pretentious, poseur, pop music like this could not possibly pass for punk or rock or anything other than mainstream, manufactured garbage. My last point is simple. Green Day sucks. They just don't sound good. They are POP music only. aka not good music. By the way Green Day fans, desecrating the American Flag just to make a vague worn out statement and an easy buck is about as low as you can go. Especially if you can't even hang it right first.
  • Fiona from Napier, New ZealandMiranda, it reminds me of Quadrophenia too. A troubled youth, let down by family and friends, leaves home and develops a split personality... and, to cap it all off, as you noted, they have the same name too!
  • Rach from Toronto, Canadaamerican idot is a rlly sad story if you look at it but its an amzing peice of work that will forever be engraned in evry person who ever lisend to the cd from front to back more than once it changes you but whats rlly sad is that the story line is true americans are run by bush who thinks he runs the world oh ya most americans seem to think they run the world wich rlly pises me off cause i dont want one person to run the world
  • Marcu from Winter Park, FlBilly Joel Armstrong... not Billy Joel the Piano Man.... Billy Joel the Piano Man is proably a 1000000000000000000 in coolness where green day billy is probably a -12.5 in coolness.
  • Marcu from Winter Park, FlI heard that billy joel guy is closet gay and this song is about how his latest gay relationship.
  • Matthew from Milford, MaYeah, the nation's controlled by the media, and they're controlled by the big corporations (the pharmaceutical industry in particular.) Who controls the big corporations? Satan does, that's who. Corporate America is the Antichrist, and I support Kevin Trudeau!
  • Caroline from La Canada, Cai don't agree with what green day says in this song or their political views in general but i love them anyway.
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaI agree with Aaron and Krissy
  • Aaron from Pittsburgh, PaWhat i find absolutely funny is that this communist, liberal supporting band still gains respect from all of the stupid-minded children of MY generation. What was this band trying to do? Indocrinate us! they want to create a hatred among the younger generations for America, so i suggest that the narrow minded, religious, conservatives like myself should speak out against this abomination of a band.
  • Krissy from Boston, MaHonestly I was and never gonna be a big Green Day fan. I only know 2 songs by them this one and wake me up when september ends. I mostly listen to older bands....i guess thats how u would say classic bands. I love love love The Beatles. I love Aerosmth, Bon Jovi, The Ramones, The Who, and Rolling stones. I also love John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr solo. That is what is consider good music. The classics r the best. Believe me choose any band or singer from that list u will love them.
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaI laugh at stupid wannabe rebels. You guys are pathetic. And people who confuse music genres, GREEN DAY IS WUSSY POP PUNK NOT ROCK & ROLL!!! I also laugh at people who say ripping on green day is my hobby. I don't say, "defending green day is your hobby" I'm telling everyone here, wake up, Green Day not good music. Oh, and I don't care about your opinion, if you think they're good, whatever, you're not listening to good music; (in my opinion)
  • Joe from Bellingham, Walistening to a green day album doesn't count as real rock and roll, thats pop punk stupid. Try some Bob Dylan, The Who, The Doors, The Ramones, Yardbirds, these are rock and roll bands. I also don't think that any green day songs have any kind of meaning, especially this one, if a song that was written only to make money makes you think, something is wrong there.
  • Aleah from New Kensington, ScOk, I'm a huge Green Day fan, I love just about every song they ever did, ever. Nothing comes close to the rage and voice they give in 'American Idiot',this was my very first taste of Rock'n'Roll and it is awesome. Accually, awesome dosen't even describe it. The state of mind of America is pretty much summed up in that song. I love that song, it causes controversy and makes you think. Acctualy think!!! "Can you hear the sound of hysteria?" I can!!!! this whole album really ticked off my dad, he wants his little girl to keep her head down and do her time, then grow up naive. I don't roll like that.
  • Krissy from Boston, MaNo Alex I never said Mike was from Germany I said Tre is. I was right Okalnd is in Calfornia which I said Billie joe was from. Mike is from Berekeley Calfornia and I was right about that too. Tre is from Frankfurt Germany. If u don't believe me go to and look them up and u will see I am right.
  • Krissy from Boston, MaI totally agree with Joe. There were some many amazing bands before Green day. The Ramones, Nirvana, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, and tons more. I like Greeen Day but I would take an older band over them any day especially The Beatles.
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaBULLSH*T! Maddi from CA, you are honestly one of the most stupidest people I know when it comes to music. how can you disrispect every other band like that? Green Day finally wrote a song cocnerning polotics 4 years after 9/11, do you have any clue how many other rap groups, real punk rock bands, rock n roll bands, and metal bands have written a song before green day? LOTS! and how can you say all rock bands now are here because of green day??? do you even know the Sex Pistols, The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Doors etc. these bands were what started rock, they even created green day. what about bob dylan? He started bagging on polotics back when Nixon is in office. He wasen't too scared to write a song about bush, even 30 years after he started writing music. so were hundreds of other musicians, they were all writing music that concerned polotics. Sorry to rip on you like this, but seriously, you don't know anything about music.
  • Maddi from Buena Park, Cai LOVE this song. when the 9/11 happened, every rock band was scared to write any songs about politics or bush. they werent. they stood up and wrote a song about how stupid prez bush is and how he has made so many mistakes leading this country. billie joe is fearless. green day made all the bands what they are today, so if u dont like them, be thankful that they gave u most of the bands today. well anyway, this song rox, and green day does too!
  • Alex from Carmel Valley, CaNo, both of you are wrong, they're from Oakland and mike dirnt is from rodeo, CA not germany. Green Day, with this song were not selling themselves out for 15 more minutes of fame(Oliver form Fort Collins), they were trying to tell the american youth about the flaws of America, the propaganda and lies we hear for Bush and get kids to be the new Anarchy generation, stand up against the "redneck adjenda" and fight back against the "american idiots".
  • Krissy from Boston, MaJohn, No they aren't candian. Billie Joe and Mike r from Califorina. But Tre is from Germany. But I like them great band and good song.
  • John from Santa Cruz, Caisn't green day canadian?
  • Oliver from Fort Collins, Co"Green Day sold their souls to the devil for an extra 15 minutes of fame. They used to be semi-punk, now they cut back on their attitudes to play more radio friendly songs to a target audience of JR high kids. Now the only thing that represents punk in their music today is that he has a whiny voice and they only use 3 chords in all their songs. Oh and its not cool to wear gayish clothing and eye-liner unless your in a band named Kiss. If Sid Vicious was alive today he would break a guitar on these phonys' heads.
    - k, houston, TX"

    K, true, they are sell outs, but most of that is warner brothers, and sucking up to BONO, but whiny voices and 3 chord songs does not define punk music. They wanted to make something new and fresh and they certainly succeeded, they could care less wether or not you haters liked it. Their clothing is not gay, alright? sure, they have changed their image but i don't thikn you can be thirty with purple hair singing about putting 409 into your teachers beverage. Sure, the eyeliner is bogus, but if some "GOD" like dave navarro were to wear it everyone would be cool with it. As for all the clash and sex pistols references. They weren't the only or first punk bands ever in existence. stop with the media stereotypes. Punk is the defenition of ANTI. Thats why saying that green day, and even sex pistols and the clash are punk, is wrong. because now we have a pack of kids who think they are punkers because they own Nevermind The Bollocks or London Calling, and now "punk" is "in" which is the exact thing it was ment to be opposite of. Green Day is a good band. Anyone who doesn't like them, stop posting it, no one cares about your negative opinion. And sid vicious was a complete jerk. Sure, he definetly was a punk. no doubt about it. But he then got the idea that because of that he is better then everyone else and soon became todays "punk". Thats why he got beaten up everytime he walked into a pub.
  • David from Hayward, CaGood Album, But Blink 182's Enema Of The State Is Better.
  • Miranda from Fort Collins, CoThis song rocks, This whole album rules! I don't understand why everyone hates Green Day now for American Idiot, its an amazing album. I seriously never get sick of it. Plus it wasn't even the album that made Green Day superstars, Dookie was. American Idiot is a rock opera too, and it really reminds me of The Who's Quadrophenia. St. Jimmy really seems like a tribute to Jimmy Cooper, maybe not entirely but it does appear to have references to Quadrophenia. Both albums are essential listening material to teenagers or anyone feeling out of place or betrayed or agaisnt the grain. Green Day is going down in history with the likes of The Ramones, The Clash and the Sex Pistols maybe even the who[although the arent punk]. Now that their music has more meaning, American Idiot definitely scores a high position on [at least my] top 20 albums.
  • Adeline from Columbia, ScI've been reading a load of stuff like comments, about the album American Idiot, and personally I think a lot of people have nothing better to do with their time than put down another band, this is wrong not only because your putting down the band but because your hurting its fans as well. also Green Day should be able to do what they want with out being judged by idiots, if they wanna go and wear all black and wear eyeliner, thats their choice, their fans and even people who are not their fans should let them. Yes, its true that everyones going to say something no matter what they do, but i mean, when you change your style or change what your all about, do you want people going and talking about how you shouldnt have and how horrible it is? no nobody does, so would you people please shut up if all you have is negative input? thanks.

    and i love this song, i'm a huge green day fan, and love all their albums all the way back to 1,039 SOSH. but i dont think they've sold out with this album, they might have changed what they are talking about, and the sound a bit, but its still them, and its not as bad as some bands out there.

    also, i saw something saying this was Anti-Republican and Anti-American, no really its not anti-republican, they arent talking about republicans through out the whole album, or putting them down, even tho im sure the republicans wish they were cool enough for Billie Joe to right a song about. but no, its Anti- Bush, they were showing how they didnt like how Bush is/was president and they dont like the choices Americans are making and how America is right now, thats not completely Anti- American.

    if you will actually listen to this song, you will find out a whole lot. because everything in it is true. and i really agree with Kaylene. and Billie Joe has said, that hes not really directing the "American Idiot" phrase at anyone, everyone thinks someone is an "american idiot" and he wrote the song about president bush and directed it toward him, but really the "american idiot" in the song can be anyone you want it to be.
  • Matthew from Fairview, NjAll issues aside, let's not forget the music itself. It has some great classic sounds combined with the punk force of distortion and the world's current craziest drummer. Influence from the Beatles is SOOOOOOOOOO obvious.
    The album itself talks about media freaking people out (WAR) and about lousy attitude in this country
    "This city's burnin', it's not my burden!"

    This is a VERY intelligent album, plus the music is great and listenable even if you turn the lyrics off.

    And to the people who say they sold out:
    Life is hard as a musician (i would know)
    and it's not like they don't have families. This is just like Metallica's Black Album. Oh my God, this isn't Mater of Puppets! I don't care, great music, great message, and not everything can be non-conforming or people who wear Abercrombie would be the rebels, not us.
  • Kayla from Richmond, Vaugh, people make me so mad! =( Some band actually tries to tell America what is really going on and they decide to ignore it jsut for the fact that they are to ignorant, so they don't want to believe it. It's stupid they are making their opinions. Just like everyone else is doing.
  • Ryerson from Toronto, CanadaAmerican Idiot, is a song that is critical of American culture and politics for deceiving the population.

    If u live within the United States, then u may have a very difficult time understanding the message, or liking it. This is because (and the reason why) the song is saying Americans are not able to see themselves being controlled by media/propaganda, the powerful wealthy conservatives - thus the singer sings that he does not want to be an "American Idiot." And, yes, many around the world see Americans that way.

    Whether ur afraid of the Communists (Mcarthy hearings, red scare) or terrorists, media uses their power 2 spread irrational fears of otherness and change. This is powerful propaganda that encourages voting for republicans.

    The media sets the agenda for political discourse. Instead of bettering the lives of people, the discussions turn into whether candidates are religious, or anti or for gay marriage etc.

    The redneck agenda is conservatism... southern states vote for Republicans, northern states tend to vote more progressive. Republicans are very conservative and resist change (They tend to get their way in congress/house), even for the betterment of all - this is the critique that the song is about.

    This song is similar to those of Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen, and if u cannot see just how smart the lyrics are, then u are either 10 years old, or the redneck described in the song. Whether u like the song/band is irrelevant and subjective to personal tastes.

  • Sara from Traverse City, MiI love the this song, it kinda of brought Green Day back too if you asked me.
  • Ryan from Acushnet, MaThis song is so cool, although i think weird als version is much funnier its a very good song!
  • Tara from Somewhere, Flmy dad hates this song. but i love it.
  • Stephen from Denver, CoYa thanks Green Day. You have opened my eyes! I'm glad that rich kids from California are so insightful about politics! If you couldn't tell I'm being sarcastic. Green Day are just a bunch of elitist liberals who think that the president is a redneck. I honestly would like to see the lead singer be president for 1 day. I guarentee Bush would get a phone call with an apology. Now I'm not saying Bush is a genius, but he gets the benefit of the doubt because of a little event called 9/11. I'm 13 and I follow politics extensively, but I find it frustrating that kids who don't know about the history of turmoil in the Middle East think they have all the answers to our problems?
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaWake up everybody! don't hate me for saying what more than half the people are saying about green day! I have posted more than one comments about this band! They are not meaningful, they don't know how to write music, and they are unoriginal. Rock is dead, thanks green day.
  • Kaleen from Oakland, MiJoe, Bellingham, WA- I am not some "punk 8 year old". I know about the Sex Pistols, and I like Green Day. I am a 13 yearold girl who is un-punk. I'm even an American citizen who wants to be the first women president some day!( SURE HOPE HILARY DOESNT BEAT ME!) If you hate Green Day sooo much why even leave a F****** message for the rest of us to read?!?
  • Joel from Palm Beach County, FlIn case you don't listen objectively, which I have started to do, recently, Green Day, to me, is a modern day version of the Who, not the same thing, but close. This is part of a rock opera, which actually tells an interesting story. And he doesn't hate America, he hates the politics, there's a difference.
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaThis song friggen pisses me off so much! that Billie Joe guy is a huge sack of crap, i mean if he hates america so much, why dosen't he just go away? we need less musicians like him anyway. Anyone who likes green day is probably an eight year old who thinks she's punk (probably dosen't even know about the sex pistols) and thinks its cool. Man I miss The Who, The Doors, Yardbirds! they kick green days ass!
  • Mike from Los Angeles , CaGreen Day doesn't know good, meaningful music. Modern music is so frusturating to listen too.
  • Connor Mueth from St. Louis, MoThis song, and the entire band for that matter, suck. You are not a rebel for listening to Greenday. Greenday is just a bunch of whiney losers who think they know what music is. This is the worst music ive ever heard. I'm not even kidding.
  • Oliver from Fort Collins, Cogreen day is not punk
  • Aaron from Phoenix, AzThis song sucks so hard, it's not funny.

    The whole point of the album is that Green Day saw a democratic youth that hates America, and is against it, and attacked that as it's demographic. It doesn't stand for anything, you're not a rebel for listening to Green Day, you're a conformist who listens to bad music.
  • Yoseph from Cupertino, Cagreenday rocks, but i don like this song.
    the lyrics are cool and stuff but the tune is really annoying(my opinion)
  • Steve from Lufkin, TxI have watched my sons grow up and mature with Green Day. Ask them any question about Green Day, they can answer it. The album American Idiot is whatever you want to get out of it. Ask any song writer, they will never tell you the exact meaning of a song. To be so precise would give it all away and leave nothing for your personal interpretation. It's nice to see people think freely and know there is not a single interpretation of any song. Keep thinking. I too listen to Green Day and I am no Nimrod. I hope you have the Time of Your Life.
  • Zoey from Irvine, CaI agree with Micheal and Alex, the songs are great, but the idea they are trying to get across is a little bit over the top. I think they do say f*** too much, and if they didnt it wouldn't be so harsh. i mean, i hate the president but i dont cuss to show that i hate him
    anyway, i like the old green day better too micheal
    GO OLD GREEN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sam from Portsmouth, United Statesthis song got me into music (it even inspired to learn how to play the guitar) but after hearing their old stuff, it isn't as good
  • Bryan from Medford, WiThe American Idiot album has a really sad story line if you read between the lines. American Idiot (the song) is about a person who dosent want to be like the normal american, he wants to be special. In JOS, Jesus gets sick of his home, friends, ect and leaves. Holiday is his 1st night away and he parties like there is no tomorrow. And makes alll these "friends" who abandon him and steal his wallet and such. In BOBD he finds out everyone who he was with last night is gone and hes got no where to go. Are WE the Waiting, is where jesus is just waiting for the unknown. St. Jimmmy, is where he creates his alter ego and he rears his head into the world, and jesus thinks that he's "cool" with jimmy. Give me a novicane, is when jimmy says to jesus to be a strong leader you cant feel anything. So he starts taking novicane. She's a Rebel, is about a girl (obviously a rebel) who wants to join St. Jimmy's "gang" and jimmy is impressed with her and falls in love with her. Extaordianary Girl is where Jimmy and Whatsername finally go out. Letter Bomb is where Whatsername breaks up with him. Wake me Up When September Ends is where jimmy greives and is sad ect. about Whatsername leaving him. Homecoming is where A. St. Jimmy is so greif struck that he commits suicde B. Jesus gets a job as a jhonny-pencil-pusher at East 12th street. C. all of jesus' friends when he was jimmy, leave him. D. Jesus decides to go back home. In Whatsrename Jesus remembers Whatsername and is sad because he really liked her. That is what i think if u disagree, disagree. but this is my opinion so there it is.
  • Paul from Redditch, EnglandExcellent Song, even though the title is a double negative, with the former negating the need for the latter:P
  • Shannon Mulvany from Spokane, WaAt first i didn't like this song but after their preformance at the Grammys, I was like WOW!!!!
  • Jason from Boston Hts., OhThe media drives people into panic because of what they broadcast. Usally its violence, or "threats" to the American way of life, such as Gay Marriage. What the song is basically saying is that you are an IDOIT if you buy into it. As to the band selling out, if anything the whole album shows a greater maturity and understand of the world by a band that used to sing about masterbation and getting high. They still rock.
  • Tyson from Green's Fork, IlFirst of all I'd like to say that I find it very funny that this "anti establishment" band is selling ring tones directly from their multi media CD/DVD's. That being said though I don't think it's comprimised the band's sound at all, American Idiot is one of my favorites albums of theirs. For me it is a lot to do with the political content in the lyrics. There is such a large "Don't think, just follow" culture these days in the States and it's very frustrating to witness that. So many people have this "with us or against us" attitude and that's just dumb. The fact of the matter is that there ARE American Idiots and they're all giving the rest of us a bad name. And if I'm not mistaken he's not saying that American's are idiots, he's saying that he doesn't want to be an American Idiot. Neither do I.
  • Justin from Springfield, MoI dont like this song, it makes me think they are saying americans are idiots
  • Alex from Loveland, CoFrom the east coast to the west coast makes the best coast
    -tre cool
  • Katie from Atlanta, GaThis song is what set me back from listening to them. I love their old stuff like Dookie and I'm totally not dissing the band. I still like them but any american should be ashamed to listen to this song unless you just don't like the country you're living in. And I think that people from the US that say they really like this song are posers..
  • Katie from Atlanta, GaThis song is what set me back from listening to them. I love their old stuff like Dookie and I'm totally not dissing the band. I still like them but any american should be ashamed to listen to this song unless you just don't like the country you're living in.
  • Eleanor from Paris, FranceIt's great that they criticize the ways of their country. Thus this song could be applied to many counties and many governments. People have fust bacame sheeps and robots and have no minds of their own.I'm glad that there still are bands that think by themlesves and have opinions and teach people to do the same.American Idiot is a total masterpiece.
  • Cody from Clarendon Hills, IlI understand. But Im dissing American Idiot, the album not Green Day the band. I actuelly liked Dookie an Insomniac. What I hate is people who think Green Day is the best band ever, and have never heard a song past 1994. I hope you know the difference between Punk ROCK, And POP Punk
  • Rozzy from Toronto, CanadaI've heard countless songs by the Ramones and Sex Pistols. Green Day is at least giving a newer, more relevant flavour to punk.
  • Will from York, EnglandThis is possibly the most boring and uninspring song ever written. And I use the word "song" lightly.
  • Cody from Clarendon Hills, IlI bet that less than half of you have ever heard a song by the Sex Pistols, Ramones or Misfits
  • Dan from Washington, Dcthis is so weird for me, im american, and this is my favourite song by Green Day.
    Its not about the words... well maybe it is but its about the rythme to it. Keep um coming green day ! =)
  • Alex from Loveland, CoI memerized this song by the time I listened to it three times! one of my favourites by Green Day.
  • Holly from Ridley Park , PaI'm not trying to get anyone mad at me or start a fight.I just don't think the song American Idiot is about attacking president George Bush.I think that Billie Joe,Mike,Tre.Were just trying to make a political statement.I think it's cool when you get a band who not a scared to write about political issue.
  • Jason from Rochester, NyIf you never liked Gree Day, I can see how you hate this cd, but the only reason people say "Green Day rocks, but this cd sucks" is because they liked it better when they were the only ones that liked them, now that it's become popular, they say they hate it to feel unique again, I bet they listen to it even though they say they hate.

    Personally I like This and there old stuff, but I like older music like pink floyd and the who.
  • Paul Taylor from Castalia, NcI just thought of something. Alot of people think that bands should stay away from politicts causes that makes them not punk or watever. but greenday has been writeing songs about stuff that the general public think that your not suposed to for years now. They rote about masturbation on longveiw. They wrote about sex in dominated love slave. and they wrote about cross-dressing in king for a day. and if rebeling aginst what the general public think is aceptable dosent make you a "punk" band then what does.
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaThis was a cool song. Green Day has the most catchy songs.
  • Alex from Loveland, CoMICHEAL!!!!!!!! Thank you SOOOO much!!!!!!!! You took the words RIGHT out of my mouth!!!!! Well said!!!!!! I totally AGREE with you!!!!
  • Michael from Tucson, AzI like Green Day, and I love American Idiot, but I hate the idea that they're trying to get across. They keep saying "GO F AMERICA!" and I know that some of you just think that tey are dissing politics, but I think it's still wrong to say "The Subliminal mindf*** America". It's like they're telling all of US to go f*** ourselves. Why can't they just go back to the good songs, like 20,000 Lightyears Away or Welcome to Paridise? I miss the old Green Day, even though I do like songs like "Wake me up when..." and "Jesus of Suburbia".
  • John from Boston, MaIf any of you consider this album to be a rock opera, you need to listen to "Tommy" and "Quadrophenia" by The Who, and "Arthur Or The Decline and Fall of The British Empire" by The Kinks, much better music, they'll change your whole view on music, and they make Green Day look like a polka band. I don't care if they have the right to write songs about what they want to, either. Musicians need to stay away from this stupid political stuff, and Stick to what you know.
  • Layla from Omaha, NeGreen Day didn't really make a "movie" it's more a concert on DVD. Billie Joe said making a movie would be crap. Anyway I love green Day so much, I'd buy a crappy movie just to support them. Crazy huh?
  • Anonymus from New York City , Nygo green day they started being a band when i was like 1 meaning bout 16 years ago. I love them and i found out who they were when i was in 2nd grade and loving green day my whole life totally pays off. American idiot is not the best song but i love the message
  • Daivd from Aberdeen, NcOk, I haven't been following every post on here, there are just too many, but I feel I must make a few points.
    1.)GreenDay never were punk. They were punk-pop, maybe, but they never qualified as punk-rock. Ironically, with American Idiot, they got a lot harder and more into alternative rock, which means they're way closer to punk rock than they ever were. So quit saying they're selling, out, idiots.
    2.)This song isn't attacking Bush. It's attacking people who support Bush and the media. Everyone believes what the media wants them to. (Hell, an extremely conservative network says that the rest of the media has a liberal bias, and the people believe it.) On the same coin, many Right-Wingers agree with whatever Bush says without thinking about it. (The same can go for people on the Left who listen to Micheal Moore without thinking about it.)
    3.)People need to uit getting pissy over American Idiot being political. If you were a true fan, then you would say "They're the artists. They have the right to perform songs about whatever the hell they want to." Whate if you were an artist and people started telling you you shouldn't create art about a certain subject?
    4.)Alex, whoever you are, you made very good points. But, I seriously doubt that a book called "The Homosexual Agenda" looks at both sides of the arguement. If the title is biased, then chances are the contents are, too. I say this having never read the book, so I admit I could be wrong.
  • Mike from Gloucestershire, EnglandGreen Day are great and lets make no mistake. But this song pays more than a passing homage to the (Acknowledged influence) of British Punk band The Jam's superb song "News of the World" Even the opening riff is similar. The message is exactly the same; Media moguls set the news agenda and put what we Brits call their "Spin" on it. Basically,if you have money and power, buy the media and propogate your agenda. The Jam (And the excellent Green Day) say- Consider the agendas behind the headlines.....Media Moguls do not create empires for the good of humanity; They create empires for their own interests.Ironically I am not a marxist, but I appreciate that we should not trust the information we are fed. Respect to Green Day.Don't want to be an English Idiot!!! Mickey
  • James from Fountain Valley, CaWhen I heard Green Day for the first time with "American Idiot" they showed me what I had been blind enough not to see as far as the American Government is concerned. I went from being a die-hard Bush supporter, to being almost to the point where i don't even want to be an American anymore lol.
  • Brandon from Moscow Mills, MoI'm one of those people who likes the music, NOT THE OPINION! Yes, Green Day does sound different now, but that doesn't mean you stop listening to them period! And if you're one of those that listened to American Idiot and said "Wow this really sucks, Green Day sucks!" Then go out and buy Dookie or Kerplunk because they're like completely different albums compaired to American Idiot.
  • Nicola from Wellington, New ZealandWhat's happened to my old beloved greenday?!? They've become a marketing tool! THEY'RE JUST DOING WHAT THE PRODUCERS TELL THEM TO DO TO TRY AND BE 'REBELS'! NO! i want the old green day back. the ones who didnt care. why did they have to go all mainstream?
  • Stacey from Nowra, AustraliaI love how all the songs on this album go together but i think them making a greenday movie is a little over the top.lastly not being american i thought this song is about how the media try to americanize everything with the O.C and all that sh!+. i wanna be australian not some american idiot wannabe
  • Kelli from Cedar Rapids, IaI think that when Green Day remark that they "aren't part of the redneck agenda", its a slight at people like Toby Keith, with their excessive patriotism. Different attitudes and politics tend to go with these different kinds of music (not always, before anyone starts screamin!)
  • Maura from Orlando, FlAwesome song. I never realized how many problems our country had until I listened to this song. Thank you Green Day for showing me the light. ^_^
  • Billy from Boston, MaGreen Day Is awesome. American Idiot is great. It without a doubt bashes Bush and his policies.This is especially so when Billy Joe Armstrong says I'm not a part of a redneck agenda
  • Alex from Loveland!!!!!, CoI love Jesus Christ, my Savior and Lord. Have you heard the Good News?? Smile and be happy because God has unconditional love for you and will cover for all the times you screw up:^)) What kind of good deal is that? Just give him your heart and he will love you no matter how bad you mess up, he will love you and God answers your prayers and he will never walk away from you. Have you heard my favorite poem, Footprints in the Sand? It is about how A man dies and is looking back on his life and Jesus points out to him that the footprints are his and Jesus'. during all the hard times in the man's life, there is only one set of prints in the sand. "Jesus," the man says. "I thought that you said you would be with me forever, but when i needed you most, you left me alone. Why?" Jesus replies, "My son, I never left you; when you see only one set of prints, my boy, that is when i was carrying you through the hard times." I love that poem. My life is good because of God! I owe it all to Him. :) God bless you.
  • Bert from Pueblo, Nmthis song/album ruined green day
  • Shayne from Harlingen, TxThis song is pretty cool. And who cares if it is saying bad things about the president. ITS JUST A SONG!!!! In my opinion music is music and you cant change that. I also think that bands shouldn't write songs about politics.
  • Tanya from London, EnglandI don't call them anything. Theyre just..Green Day. Aslong as its good music, and in my opinion it is, who cares what its called?
  • Jen from Westville, Nji dont care what they are punk, rock, ....something else, i still love'em.
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcOkay, your right, but you give teenageres to little credit, Green Day's base is pre-teens, and i'll admit some of their stuff is okay, but by the time any real fan of punk rock makes it to 14 they'll know Greenday isn't punk
  • Nick from Prospect, Kyis bullet in a bible dvd or cd???
  • Kimberly from Greeley, Coi love this song and even though i'm republican, i still like green day.
  • Jillian from Portland, TxI like this song and all... but I'm getting really tired of all the politic bashing.
  • Tanya from London, EnglandI know a fair few people over 21 who like Green Day Cory
  • Sarah from Midlands, EnglandCory, sweetie, are you by any chance under the age of 21? Maybe when your older and bigger, you won't be so stereotypical to think 'all gays have women followers'

    Tanya - Green Day are on TOTP this sunday - all 9 mins of JOS!!!!! LIVE! They did a mini-gig outside the studios! What I wouldn't have given to have been there!!!
  • Tanya from London, EnglandRight, so why do people have a pop at green day for using 3 chords? And yeah , that thing about gays having more women followers is bull
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcCory: I'd like to see the statistics that show gays have more women followers, I don't like Greenday, and everyone here knows it, but I do like Queen, and know a lot of guys that do, and Freddie Mercury was as queer as a three dollar bill
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcTanya, a lot of bands only use three chords, especially whent hey are categorized as 'punk' bands
  • Mrs. Billie Joe from Rocky Mount , Ncnow everybody do the propaganda and sing along in the age of parinoia. i guess green day could probably thank bush for being the worst freakin president on earth cuz if bush hadnt taken us to war, green day would have never caught american idiocy and never ever have written this masterpiece of an album "american idiot" its a wonderful record and american idiot is a great song. ROCK ON AGINST BUSH GREEN DAY
  • Tanya from London, EnglandBillie Joe, whiny voice? I don't think so k houston. I suppose it was in the early days, like kerplunk and smoothed but not now. For a band who can apparently only use 3 chords, they've done pretty well don't u think? Plus, if 3 chords entertained over 65000 and gave me and many others the best night of my life, then what the hell is wrong with 3 chords? If it sounds good, what's the problem? And I still don't understand why they're not 'allowed' some publicity and money, when, basically, they freaking deserve it. It isn't like they got their break on the X Factor or something, they earned their fame and stardom
  • Tanya from London, EnglandJeff, that is the most intelligent thing thats ever been written in these boards. Well said
  • Shrek from CaitlinI agree, Greenday have not compromised their sound, they have great melodic sound and Billie Joe's voice is unique as. K from Houston is a thick bastard. Well put Jeff, you got the right idea.
  • Jeff from Susanville, CaThis song expresses the feelings of many Americans: "I don't want to be an American idiot". These literal lyrics cross-over party and ideological lines... It is a message which few of Washington's elite can hear, even as the body count continues to rise. Now, as far as the "sell out" propaganda: Green Day is successful, they write catchy songs, they get their message across, and they have sincere, hard-won roots... they also make money. So, it is easy for some of you to scream "Sell Out!", in the simplistic notion that money equals compromise. But if that were true, if they truly had "sold out", then why would they oppose the war, oppose Bush, and oppose stupidity and evil? A true "sell out" would embrace greed and materialism. Green Day, in contrast, is AGAINST greed and materialism and religious extremism... So, if they don't pass your "Punk Rock Test" or your "Sell-out Test", so what? Being a successful musician or group is NOT the same as being a sell-out. As Will S. once said, "To thine own self be true, and it follows as the night the day, thou canst not be false to any man."
  • K from Houston, TxGreen Day sold their souls to the devil for an extra 15 minutes of fame. They used to be semi-punk, now they cut back on their attitudes to play more radio friendly songs to a target audience of JR high kids. Now the only thing that represents punk in their music today is that he has a whiny voice and they only use 3 chords in all their songs. Oh and its not cool to wear gayish clothing and eye-liner unless your in a band named Kiss. If Sid Vicious was alive today he would break a guitar on these phonys' heads.
  • Sarah Floyd from Bloomingdale, Ili think they are telling you nothing. and they are not complaining either. they are just telling you how bad the world is some times. and i so love billy joe idol. he is so hot. and i wish i couldve gone to the concerts!!!!!
  • Katlyn from Bellflower, United Statesi LOVE this song billie joe i love you and people stop dissin greenday no matter what album they make they will be great billie you are so hot!!!!!!!! AND IM GLAD YOU DONT BELIEVE IN WAR OR BUSH EITHER DO I IM OBSESSED A LITTLE WINK WINK COUGH COUGH I LOVE HOW YOU WERE EYELINER!I WENT TO YOUR CONCERT ON OCT. 6 AT HOME DAPOT CENTER
  • Seth from Boonville, InGreen Day used to be a decent band. Nothing special, but I could listen to it. But now that they've become the "great political minds" of our generation, it's kind of pissed me off. Lyrically, I think it's impossible to take Green Day seriously. I mean I guess I should give them more credit, it does seem that they now have the entire Junior High population up in riot about our government. Just because a band makes some reference to politics doesn't make them politcal geniuses. At least Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) and Serj Tankian (System of a Down) have some political knowledge and aren't out to bash America just because its cool.

  • Dan from Lee, NhI completely agree with Jeanette Bush just sucks up to America by telling them what they want to here. "Abortions are wrong" or "The Homosexauls are the devils children. And you know what if Iraq truly is the next Vietnam we're gonna need some better protest songs than this.
  • Aaron from Tigard, OrI use to like Green Day until they came out with this
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cathis song is OKAY. it can be interpreted as either against democrats or republicans although redneck agenda makes it sound more anti-bush, but thats not necessarily what that meant. i think of it as about bush because it says the age of paranoia because bush kept saying he'd protect us from further 9/11s or whatever. god bush won all because of that, abortions, and gay marriages. gay marriages and abortions?? come on, america!!
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaGreen Day WAS punk. They still CAN BE punk. However, after the release of this record...they're just another band. Hopefully Green Day comes back soon and puts something out that at least resembles Dookie or Kerplunk or Nimrod.
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcSarah makes my point for me, punk rock is supposed to be about rebellion, her dad is EXCITED about seeing the video.....
  • Sarah from Midlands, EnglandI LOVE Jesus of Suburbia!! I can't WAIT for it to be released and played on the radio! Do you think there will be a radion edit? Cos it is a very long song.

    Seriously guys; if you don't like Green Day then stop being so bloody rude and derogative to the fans. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, true - but its pretty pathetic and sad to leave hate messages on here. Maybe go and hunt for a life or something?
  • Faith from PerthI personally think this song is a bit overrated. I don't have anything against Green Day (they are one of my favourite bands) but I reckon they have done better songs, and if i had to choose between Holiday and this, I'd pick Holiday anyday. Oh well, Green Day rocks anyway!
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcYeah Tre Cool definently isn't as innovative a name as Johnny Rotten, or Jello Biafra is it? Another example of how much better old Punk Rock bands are
  • Kristen from Garner, NcCompletly sick of Green Day. They are SO over rated, when there are such good classical bands that we can listen to who's music talent is so much better! Writing lyrics has nothing to do w/ music if you have no musical talent!
  • Danny from Sydney, AustraliaDookie is green day's best album, by far
  • Kika from Nyc, Nydon't you think you shouold be happy that they were able to express themselves to a massive audience, having no one know about you doesn't make you a great band... again look at people like the beatles, led zeppelin, jimi hendrix, they're great, and people knowabout them
  • Taylor from -, Nyokay, why are we talking about "boulevard of broken dreams" on the american idiot comment board? but it's an awesome song...album..
  • Kyle from Chicago, IlI personally liked them when they only had three people.I've been listening to them since the 90's but since American Idiot... I just stopped.. Anyone who buys this is a sucker. If you're going to buy a GD cd, then get something like INternational Super hits... not this. On a side note, an interesting thing about all bands is that "their older stuff was better" and "they were better before they became popular". I agree with both statements for a few bands and the idea that any rock band that appears on TRL is heading the wrong way fast.. [cough.. MCR, fall out boy...cough] i just hope this doesnt happen to truely great bands like Boys Night Out, The Starting Line and others. I nearly kicked myself when i found out The Ataris sold out.
  • Kika from Nyc, Nyyeah franscico you're right, i've only really started listening to green day lately, and this song stinks. they're older stuff is so much better.
  • Francisco from South Gate, CaThe Most overrated song ever.......
  • Dan from Lee, NhFirst off Green Day no longer deserves the label of Punk Rock Band. Would The Ramones or Sex Pistols ever make a concept album, no. Second off if the 1994 Green Day had seen the 2004 Green Day they would Have thrown Up on eachother. Last, but not least is the fact that Green Day brought politics into music. Even Mick Jagger said that music would never be political.
  • Brian from Grayson, GaAlthough i do not agree with Greenday's opinion on the state of America, I still believe it is a great album. Their music is more than just speed guitar like much of their earlier albums and it is great to hear music written about more than just a bad relationship or a party.
  • Sarah from Midlands, EnglandFirst of all I'd like to say how much I love he American Idiot album, I think its ace. Because isn't that what we're meant to be commenting on? If you don't like Green Day, why bother leaving a comment? And yes, e from vancouver I'm talking about you! I noticed that you've left quite a lot of messages on the various Green Day entries; whats the point? And there's no need to be rude about other people either.....Jessica certainly hasn't disgraced me, but you have disgraced yourself!
    Green Day are fab and I was lucky enough to see them at Milton Keynes bowl this year which was the best concert Ive ever been too.
  • Ricardo from San Juan, Pr, OtherI love this song and the album as well. Which do you think is their best album?
  • Chris from Manchester, Nhnot as good as dookie but good song nonetheless, boulevard of broken dreams not bad but not quite FAST ENOUGH!!
  • Nate from Chicago, Ilnever been a big green day fan because i never listened to their style of music when they were big. im thinkin about gettin this new album. AMERICAN IDIOT is an amazing song. ROCK ON go greenday
  • Brent from Brooklyn, NyI hate Bush, but I can't stand Green Day. Classic rock forever!!
  • Al from Springfield, IlI am pro Bush, Green Day still rocks
  • Luc from Nottingham, EnglandThis song is expressing their feelings towards bush in a very strong way, whats wrong with that?
  • E from Vancouver, CanadaI kinda liked Green Day up until this album came out. Then I realized how much they suck. American Idiot has got to be the stupidest song in recent memory... second only to "Pon De Replay" which just reeks of brilliance...
  • Jasmine from Nowhereland, Nyanyone who thinks that this album (American Idiot) sucks doesnt understand how green day has changed BIG time. They used to just make they really relate to what they say in their songs! I think this band is now more PUNK than ever!! GO GREEN DAY!!!!!!
  • Gino from Chicago, IlGreen Day was once known (in the 90s) as the best band of theur time. I agree that this album is definetly not their best but every one makes mistakes and Green Day did on this one. If they would have stuck to what they were doing it would be better but like Billie Joe said with TRe and Mike at his side was This album is not anti- american -its anti war. I still think greenday is a terrific band . I think its good that they express them selves because no band has taken this much of a turn on all sh*
    t Budsh is doing to mess up our country
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaGreen Day are not sellouts. They may have veered from what made them successful in their past few albums, but they are not marketing their image to make more money. Hell, Dookie sold more records than American Idiot. Hopefully they will come back with a totally kick-ass punk record in the next year or two. We have to savor one of the few competent rock bands of the 2000's.
  • Scott from Bismarck, NdCollin, the conservative punk bands have existed, look at the fascist punk movement in the UK in the late 70s and early 80s (interestingly enough those fascist punks took inspiration from bands like Joy Division 'cuz of their name (based on a special unit of the SS) but in reality the name was, in fact, sarcastic but the fascist punks never saw past that, in fact at one JD concert the band actually resorted to beating down skin-heads with mic-stands) any way there is plenty of conservative fascist punk out there, if you can find it, but it is hard to find because, well, it sucks, so if you want to listen to some good punk it looks like your stuck listening to JD, DKs, etc, etc.
  • Becca from Hamilton, CanadaThe only reason I would ever consider listening to this song is to laugh at how much it sucks. Green Day was a wonderful band way before "American Idiot" (the album) came out. Oh,the good old days.........
  • Christa from Makati, OtherThis song was written as a portal for Billie Joe Armstrongs fellings about America and politics. America, the land of the free???
  • Collin from Boston, MaHey wouldn't it be great to a pro-Bush Republican /conservative punk band with equal status as Green Day? You know an "anti" Clash but with same music style! I think I'll start this type of band so we can get equal time with the Green Days and Audioslaves of the world!
  • Sarah from Southbury, CtGreen Day should not sing about things that they are not smart enough to fully understand (political agendas and motives), and instead, stick to what they are good at, which would be playing music.
  • Wolf Chinnery from Hemel Hempstead,,, EnglandOne of the best bands during that obscene loveyfest called Live8 shame they had to be in Berlin and not over in Hyde Park.They are a quality band.!!
  • Casey from Nashua, NhThis is an awsome song
  • Zac from Charlotte, NcBoo you sound like somebody who has no idea what political punk really is...For the modern day this has become main stream political punk is... But that is just in the main stream there is still a lot of great political punk left and I would expect you to name some modern day political punk bands before you go back to the 70s and 80s and start naming bands that haven't been relevent in 20 years
  • Boo from Sheffield, Englandyou think this is political punk? what a load of f***in boll***s you ought to listen to the clash-white riot or sex pistols-god save the queen these are both in song facts database. get some real punk and shove it up where the sun don't shine!
  • Bundy from Houston, TxI think an "American Idiot" would be one who takes the media biased information reguarding the war in Iraq and other political based agenda as fact. The idea is that Americans should begin thinking for themselves rather than simply accepting the thoughts, whether blantantly obvious or subconciously implied, of the media. Only with one's own rational interpretation of facts can we grow as a country.
  • Paige from San Diego, CaI agree that our country has some serious problems, but not just because of the song. And I don't really get how everyone can think that the media is controlled only by liberals. Has anyone ever watched Fox?

  • Matt from Millbrae, CaI just don't get where Green Day was going with this. They should have stayed with their kind of punk/alternative roots instead of going all political. Still, they're one of the few competent rock bands still out there.
  • Mofo K from Bath, EnglandI personally don't like the actual song much, but I totally agree with the meaning. America appears way too censored from the rest of the world, especially the children. Many of them seem pretty convinced that nobody lives outside of the states! At least, this is the impression I get from speaking to them. Sorry if you don't agree, this is just my opinion...
  • Scribble from Peaks Island, MeI can't start a conversation with one of my friends about American Idiot without one of them complaining about how much Green Day's changed. 'Idiot' certainly scoots right past Warning and Dookie and flattens Insomniac and Nimrod with its political overtones, but I do not think that has anything to do with the band's 'change'. Billie just has something else in his head right now. I think we all do, and that's what he's put himself to write about.
    Life in America has become something to be concerned about, and Billie and the band certainly think so, too. I agree with Green Day's choice of subject. :)
  • Jade from London, EnglandI am British so the song, "American Idiot" was quite interesting for me, to see how American life is, i think over here in the U.K. we know more what happen's in the world than maybe American's do, i went to Orlando, Florida last year when the first hurricane came, Charley, & discovered that we were more unaware of the situation than had it happened back home. Maybe that's what the song relate's to that the media keep's thing's covered more! I would like American's to comment, because as you know i'm not American & maybe wrong, but sorry if i am, & by the way you American's ROCK, you are such genuine cool people! x x x
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoI heard that, since, the entire album was a rock opera, that they were considering making an actual movie which told the story (and had a new soundtrack of Green Day songs). Is there any truth to this rumor?
  • Dan from Calgary, CanadaAmerican Idiot is a very political song that was written just before the November presidentiall election. They talk (sing) about how people should have a choice in what they want, and not be forced to do what everyone else is doing.

    "Television dreams of tomorrow..." - Stating that everything that is promised might not happen at all.

    "Now everybody do the propoganda..." - Stating that people are given ver few choices and are having ideas drilled into their heads because the media "knows what is best".

    "One nation controlled by the media..." - Much like the previous statement, the media is biased enough that they are trying to control what people think.

    "The subliminal mind-fu*k America..." - Basically stating that, once again, what everyone else says is right, and so it's just hopping on the bandwagon because that isn't what one thinks is right, but what everyone else around them thinks is right.
  • Eliza from Sydney, AustraliaI don't really understand what people mean when they say Green Day has sold out... I have all of their 7 albums and there are awesome songs on all of them. However, I think this newest album is the best. Far from "selling out", the songs on "American Idiot", particularly the title track, have serious substance to them - they are making political, social and cultural statements. Green Day took the chance that they would alienate much of their mainstream American audience with this song (as can be seen by it's lower chart position in the US as compared to other countries). I have to admit, I didn't really love this song when it was released, but taken in the context of the album, and the message they are trying to send (which few other American bands are doing today) it's really an excellent piece of work.
    Just because Green Day's new album is popular all over the world, not just to their original fans, does not mean they have sold out. It means that more people are appreciating their style and what they have to say.
  • Aj from Cleveland, GaThis song is a key role in the selling out of Green Day. Their old stuff is ok, but now, I don't know anymore.
  • Chelsie from Huron, OhI agree completely with Green day on this subject, but i know that not everyone does. Just don't force your opinion on other people. American idiot rocks.
  • Matt from Birmingham, EnglandGood song, but I don't think Americans would really like the content, even if it is only anti-George Bush or anything.
  • Ed from London, CanadaAmerican Idiot (The song) is just a portion of the album, which when put together tells a portion of the story of the album, similar to Pink Floyd's "The Wall". When the song is taken away from the album, people think it's about the real world as opposed to the album.
  • Jameson from Lexington, KyWell, it's clear that: 1> Like Green Day or hate 'em, they're certainly generating buzz... which is probably the point; and 2> people read their own leanings and agendas into much of what they experience. It's been amusing reading everyones' views here, and noticing that the liberals read a more liberal viewpoint into the song, and conservatives read an anti-liberal viewpoint into it. That's just really amusing. And Zac, you're right, the whole country's torn between two ideological extremes with the parties; we need to return to the center, as a nation.
  • Luke from Maple Grove, MnI found it funny that in the interviews about this song how G.D. has continuously said "Um yeah its about how the media is corrupt and stuff" you would have to be retarded to not know that this song is about Bush. i dont like him either tho
  • Schmitty from Vienna, Vapunk rock died after the Ramones and The Clash
  • Leanne from Crawley, EnglandAmerican Idiot is second to figure sales after their 1994 album Dookie, it's not the least sold-out album, it's one of their biggest. Whatever Billie's political views may be, he said it himself at a recent Uk gig, 'This album (American Idiot) is not anti-american, but anti war.' The American Idiot single, is a summary of the whole feel of the album, ok, it hasn't created the rebillious attitude of 1977 and The Sex Pistols, but it's changed the way i've looked at the goverment.
  • Rob from Santa Monica, CaKids today get their notions of what constitutes individuality from media stereotypes. Even Billie Joe struggles to achieve a truly unique persona.

    Anyone that gets a tattoo is probably thinking "this makes me more unique," when in fact all it does is label you as an uneducated lowlife who probably smokes.

    The goth kids at the college where I work would be laughed at by real 80s skinheads.

    If you really want to be an individual, then either IGNORE fashion or go way out where no one else goes. How about this: wear all white. No? Afraid people might think you're different?
  • Sam from Davenport, Iasomeone said something abouthow they wish more bands would "mix it up" with the "rightwingers". what band doesn't? this is a great song, and i like green day, even if i disagree with their political views...but why is it people act like it's some kind of act of courage to take jabs at "rightwingers"...what band doesn't? what would be an act of courage or an act of independence for a band would be for once to not be anti-conservative...but that wouldn't be very "rock and roll", would it? releasing a song like this just at a time when a large portion of young people are anti-conservative is no more independant than releasing a song about how great pepsi! i'm sick and tired of bands and artists getting sucked up to because they are it's something really unique!
  • Kristie Mock from Quincy, IlThis is their least sold out album to date. American Idiot is what punk rock is about, if you don't believe me, try listening to The Sex Pistols for a while and hear real punk, not watered down emo crap.
  • Zac from Gastonia, NcGrame: That was a good point the first time I heard it on South Park
  • Graeme from Tamhlacht, IrelandIsn't it ironic that in an effort to be different and unique, people end up dressing and behaving like others who want to be different and unique. Two people that seem to get the whole different thing very well is Gwen Stefani and Marilyn Manson.
  • Zac from Gastonia, NcJill: The liberals used to have a firm grasp on the media now they have relinquished that hold a great great deal....And though the media whore Ann Coulter does appear to be everywhere, every night listing her as one example does not mean that the conservatives control the media....It would take a lot more than one person for either side to control the media....The sad truth is both sides beat us to death with there lies and slander and we don't know what to think you can watch a debate show like crossfire and know what the people are going to say before they open there mouth based on what party they are affiliated with both sides are usually wrong....There is always a happy compromise between the two sides that nobody ever seems to point out, why is there no moderate middle side reflected in these political debates its not so bad we are a two-party states, but it is bad when a two-party state forces you to choose between two extremes rather than find a compromise in the middle we need a strong centrist to step up and become president restore some unity among Republicans and Democrats to Washington D.C. and to the media, and to the Country
  • Zac from Gastonia, NcMolly and anybody else who thinks they were more punk in the old days doesn't understand punk....They are far more 'Punk' as a life style now there songs have meaning: like a rebellion against the world in its current state and a protest against our current governmental body makes them far more punk than when they sung about Masturbation back in the early 90's......
  • Alyssa from Pickerington, OhI love this song in general, but esp. the 'can you hear the sounds of hysteria' and 'well maybe i'm the f*ggot america, i'm not a part of the redneck agenda' parts. The former because I think we've been sticking our nose where it doesn't belong a bit too much in recent years, and the latter because of the statement I think it's making about the state of homosexual rights in the US (which is not very good at all if you ask me) and the President.
  • Mary from Philadelphia, PaNo, he wasn't talking about the song when he called Bush-voters "misinformed idiots" he was just answering the girl's question, which was "Do you think anyone who voted for Bush is an 'American Idiot'". The song's about a lot more than the president in my opinion.
  • Kira from Channahon, IlThis song is made for all the uninformed-idiots that voted for Bush. They are not american idiots. That is what Billy Joe said on VH1 on 04/07/05.
  • Jeremy from San Jose, CaI said it before. I am not a big fan of green day. But i do like the message in this song.
  • Aarushi from Madison, WiI like the fact that the album is like a rock opera, it shows that they care what they're writing about and they want to make a point. It's good to see that they're using their voice instead of spawning off some crap about drugs.
    And I don't think they sold out, they did what they wanted to do, and if some people don't approve, it's their own problem.
    This song is basically about the problems that we face as citizens of America. It points out that we have no real control over the government, and they are just going on, judging us and not sticking by us, while the media seems to be controling everything.
  • Mike from L.a, CaThis song is about how high school drop outs know more about politics then those who have degrees and so on and so forth.

    Funny how these "punks" go from riding in a book mobile and writings songs about masterbation ten years later attempting to "political".

    Sad thing is, these bastards are making millions of dollars off you suckers.
  • Molly from Alpena, MiI do not think that Green Day has "sold out",however, it seems as if lately they have been a little too wrapped up in their image. I don't agree with the majority of what Rory from New Jersey wrote, but it does seem as if they're becoming "faux-punk" I liked them better when they were sporting the laid-back California look that matched their music, and what IS with all the pressed "punk" clothing and eyeliner. It seems as if they have always claimed to be "pure punk", and I believe that Billie Joe has stated that Green Day is '100% punk', and that they live out the punk lifestyle. If this is the case, then why bother dolling yourself up to look "punk"? It doesn't change the fact that they have amazing music, but it is disappointing that to emphasize their "punk-ness,' they feel the need to dress up in the ridiculous, stereotypical apparel that so many people wear to showcase-mistakenly assuming- that they are unique.
  • Shell from Toronto, CanadaJust because a band becomes successful comercially, and wins awards is no reason to dub them a "sell out." Green Day have always been a third-rate knock-off of the Buzzcocks. I mean, really, people.
  • Xander from Gardiner, Mehey i do think that green day has sold out a LITTLE bit but they r still good its not their fault everyone likes them and their not in it just for the money their songs still have meaning like boulevard and holiday and letter bomb.. for all those fans eho still belive like me and stew ROCK ON
  • Constantin from Tampa, FlI love this song. It will always hold a very special place in my heart. Were it not for the backlast hippies like Green Day and Michael Moore, there is no way George W. Bush would have won re-election. Thank you Green Day! Four more years.
  • Kevin from Berkeley Heights, NjGod i love this song. i especially love it cause though im a huge conservative/republican, i really don't like bush but i support him cause im loyal and i do agree in standing up for him since were at war. but this song rocks! are the members gay or are they trying to make statement?
  • Jill from Jingletown, CaHow people can think that the US media is dominted by "liberals" amazes me. Ann Coultor anyone? Face it: the fundamentalist viewpoint is hardly underground.
  • James from Clemson, Sci'd like to note that the american idiot music video's american flag has 48 star and not 50. how are they leaving out is what i want know (i hope it's not SC, my home state)

  • Kevin from Toronto, Canadathis song is purley about the discontent of the members of green day with the current state of the union and the lack of capable leadership
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaI'll admit it's a good song...but why are rock bands being so political? What happened to songs about drinking beer, hooking up with seventeen year old girls, and suicide? Just kidding, green day rocks.
  • Christi from Atlanta, GaWhen I first heard this song, the lyrics made me think it was about the democrats - "one nation controlled by the media" and "cue the propagada". Simply because the media in our country is left winged and the propagada is always geared at the conservatives - Michael Moore, etc. Then, I heard the "red neck agenda" line, and I knew it was about Bush. I think over 59,000,000 people disagree with you Green Day. :)
  • Bubba from Chicago, Il This song is a real testiment of how media and hollywood are so left-winged. Just shows that Politcs is not meant to be messed with Hollywood. It's sad that a group of good singers ruin their talent.
  • Dan from Calgary, CanadaAmerican Idiot is one of those songs that speak out to you, but not in an unhelpful way. I find that American Idiot lets you know how Green Day feels about Bush making all those decisions. It's about how the people react to tiny little things, and completely misunderstand it. Take the Defense Missile idea, for example. Americans read the front page of the newspaper that says "Canadians refuse to ally with Americans to work on Defense Missile project" or something like that, and they think "Wow, they must think they're better than us." American Idiot lets us know how the Americans aren't always right about everything and how they can misunderstand stuff, just as we can.
  • Chelsea from Central Point, OrI LOVE THAT SONG!but it really made me mad when they took it off the radio saying it was "inapropriate" when there is stuff much worst
  • Josh from Reading, PaI think the entire song is talking about the state of america the entire thing exclaims about issues were dealing with, but I think the strongest lines in the whole song is "One nation under the new media", because america is controled by couch potatoes who watch tv all day, including our kids. when we vote, not many of us really delve into the politics and instead just listen to there Tv.
    But I like this song alot it really speaks to me.
  • Verity from Libby, MtAmerican Idiot is a great song it shows how all the americans are mostly idiots. I think its a great song to play.
  • James from Tyler, Txamerican idiot is saying america is controlled by the media. its true. the media says kerry or bush or whoever raped a 76 yr old man everyones gonna believe it. look at abercrombie too. if they said breathing wasnt cool, over half the teen population would be dead.
  • Ned from Calgary, CanadaI was watching an interview on much, and BJ said American Idiot was more of a reference to tv. He was explaining how when you are watching you might be seeing the news about war in iraq, and the next second you're watching a tampons comercial. I can't really remember it all, but I think thats what he was talking about.
  • Peter from Toronto, CanadaThis song definitely takes jabs at the Bush America. I wish we had more bands these days willing to mix it up with the rightwingers. Thanks Green Day. Great song.
  • Jessie from Middle Of Nowhere, WaThis song is great im one of the American Idiots in my town. THIS SONG KICKS A**
  • Mark from Ruston, LaPunk Rock, and perhaps other genres of music, are getting more involved with government and political issues. Green Day's American Idiot album tells a story about a series of events, most of them having to do with the lack of effort put forth by the American government. Much like NoFx's "The War on Errorism", American Idiot speaks out and appeals to fans of that kind of music.
  • Zac from Gastonia, NcThis tops my list as Greendays best CD just barley edging out Dookie
  • Leah from Battle Creek, MiI think a lot of people missunderstand some of the songs that green day has....and ever since green day went on MTV they just have been appealing to the pop and rap fans.... the feel of their music is different now, which I like, its just when people say that "green day is pimpin" it just makes them sound like idiots bacause green day isn't trying to be pimpin.... pimpin is rap, not punk.
  • George from Crawford, TxI kinda see what your saying. There are a lotta things going south in this country. 8 year olds dressing like ganstas, bands that love the Hitler and the SS, Lawyers that see the problems with society rather then the individuals, bands that claim to be punk when they are really just pop-metal,etc..........................
  • Megan from Portsmouth, Englandi think that this album is more punk than the others, but not by sound but by the meaning of the album. It being rebelious towards the governement and not being a sheep.
  • Superdigital from Kalmar, SwedenThis song rocks!

    I don't understand the whole sold out thing with Green Day. They've brought out their music to a bigger audience by signing to a bigger label. Never forget, they have aged as you and I have. I think the rockopera is brilliant!
  • William from Glasgow, Kyits about time that greenday got a number 1 album...keep it up them all about the subliminal messages that our "elected" president has
  • Lisa from Huntington Beach, CaI Love Green Day and I love this song, and ilove the whole cd, it rocks!!!!!!!!

    -Lisa, huntington beach, california
  • Melita from Wilts, EnglandI like this song, but I don't think it's best Green Day ever. It's quite cool because it talks about what's happening hear and now, but could also be used in the future because it doesn't mention any names. Also, it takes the mick out of Republicans and Liberals as well, so who is the winner at the end of the day?
  • Kaylee from Phili., PaWell I think its about him not liking presidents period I mean that is what punk is all about having an anarchy country with no ruler we are just free.
  • Lee from Leeds, EnglandThis album is good and it shows how much they have grown up.I just miss simple catchy songs like when i come around which had no political meaning behind it,good to see them back though
  • Cory from Boonville, InThis song was in the Playstation game Madden 2005
  • Mike from Richmond, VaThis is the lowest point in their career. They sold out, but up until now, they kept true to the style of music. Yeah yeah yeah they're inovative and original blah blah blah. That doesn't make the music any better. Sucks. Worst Green Day yet.
  • Joshua from Phoenix, AzItis the best album ever, and just Republicans think that "Don't wanna be a part of the redneck agenda" is refering to not wanting to have Bbush as president.
  • William from Del City, Ok"I'm not a part of a redneck agenda." -- Anti republican.
    "One nation controlled by the media." -- Mocking a Liberal and biased media.

    This could be the lead singer expressing his dissatisfaction with Republicans and Democrats. The lead singer (Billie Joe Armstrong) is a member of the Libertarian party. He also expresses the same sentiment with such lyrics as: "I want to be in the minority, I don't need your authority" (from the 2003 song "Minority"). --
  • Andy T. from Naperville, Ilman i just have to say this song rocks, its kool
  • Gabe from Utica, NyThis is is the ! American Idiot is definately one of the best albums I ever bought. On the test that tells you what the song about your mind is, this is it.
  • Jessy from Kettering, Oh"maybe im the faggot american, im not a part of the redneck agenda" refers to the fact that in most american states gay couples cant get married.So theyre saying 'im gay, my freedoms arn't a priority to this country.' Which is true.
  • Heather from Bristol, Vathis song is about not wanting to be like everyone else in the country to be differnt
  • Kaylene from Moore, Ori like this song it seems its about how everyone reacts to the littlest thing.. take the song for example, some people have been saying things like 'American Idiot? How could they write a song about their own country being stupid?' its seems its being directed towards those people for being ignorant on the facts of the song... people want a perfect world and everyone to be peaceful and happy with everything but thats not how life is and the song seems to be saying that its not supposed to be that way and we just have to deal and do the best we can with whatever is thrown at us
  • Mary from Millville, Ma"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" about enstrangement and the recognition that the American Dream can let you down.
  • Madison from Atlanta, Gatheir american idiot album is concidered a rock opera. each song tells a chapter of the story.
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