Geek Stink Breath

Album: Insomniac (1995)
Charted: 16
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  • This is about amphetamine and methamphetamine drug use. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Tom - New Hartford, CT
  • This was the first single from Insomniac, which was Green Day's fourth album. Their first 2 were released on a small label and didn't sell well, but their third, Dookie, was one of the best-selling albums of 1993. This put high expectations on this album, which also sold well, but not as well as Dookie.
  • Like most Green Day songs, this was not sold as a single in the US, which helped sell more copies of the album. It earned the chart position because of radio play.
  • This song made it's debut months before the release of Insomniac. While still on the Dookie tour, the band made an appearance on Saturday Night Live. In addition to performing their current single "When I Come Around," they were told to perform either of their previous singles "Longview" or "Basket Case" for their second number. As a bit of rebellion against their management and the media, the band played a very crude version of this as their second song. It became Insomniac's first single when the album was released many months later. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    George - Islip Terrace, NY
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Comments: 17

  • Olivia from Nyc, NyMethamphetamine is meth's real name. Meth is just a 'nickname' (or street name) that people commonly use to refer to methamphetamine so they don't get caught affiliating themselves with them. Another street name is Speed. Speed is a common street names for many drugs.
  • Maria from Vernon, NjFirst of all, brainstew is about how billie had to wake up in the middle of the night to take care of his young son. quote "im counting sheep but running out"
  • Jay from Jackson, Msman that movie was.... gross. and it is about meth ^_^ (dont do meth) i have never done alchohal, drugs, or smokes. so lol. yeah.
  • Tom from Mead County, KyI think this song is about the first hand experience of bille joe using "speed" and how it messes your life.
  • Rebka from Crapville, Wyyou funny kids! my great-grandma wears a girdle! i know cause i saw it!! haha!(and gandalf said so!)
  • Tanya from London, EnglandMy dad cant watch this video because hes scared of dentists as it is.
  • Yuya from Kyoto, JapanI love this video! A bit hard on the stomach, but yet again very entertaining.
  • Brat from Nw Indiana, InA song about methamphetimine.
    "And it's rotting out my teeth" - Heavy meth usage will cause teeth to fall out. Also, a person can hallucinate and believe their teeth are turning in/outwards.

    "And I'm picking scabs off my face" - Taking alot of meth will make you hallucinate and make you think you have little bumps on you.... and you have a compelling drive to pick at them.

    "And my pulse is beating out of time" - Self explanitory. Your heart rate increases.

    "And it sits on a thin white line" - Meth can be snorted. Heh.
  • Aly from Woodstock, Gabrainstew/ jaded is also about meth the term "spun" refers tho being hyped out on meth the lyrics also center around some of the main effects of meth which is not being able to sleep"i'm having trouble trying to sleep" "my mind is set on overdrive", drymouth "my mouth is dry", also "falling into a state of regression" easily describes the come down, of course i didn't write the song so i can't actually say that it is about meth, but it's very likely.
  • Zac from Charlotte, NcSteph... Yeah thats "real" ironic
  • Zac from Charlotte, NcIts about Crystal Meth...
  • Casie from Denver, CoHmmm... The song sounds like,well have u seen Billie Joe's teeth? I believe he had bad breath but whateva. lol I guess I do to.
  • Rob from Santa Monica, CaAt about the same time, the Foo Fighters released "I'll Stick Around", which features an identical chord progression. Of the two, I much prefer this song, mainly for the production (the words are unintelligible). The guitars and drums sound amazing.
  • Dale from Parm, OhIf any of you have ever done meth (I have twice - DON'T!), you know it causes a really dry mouth. The resulting bad breath is intesnified if you smoked it. "Geeking out" is to be high on meth. does that put it together? Again: METH IS BAD! If you have to do drugs, roll a "J".
  • Pat from Northboro, Mathis is a good song. i learned how to play it on my guitar.
  • Matt from Lincoln, NeThe term "Geek" refers to street slang for methampetamine, which explains the title "Geek Stink Breath" (the song is about drug use).
  • Ang from Windsor, CanadaAfter releasing "Warning" in 2000, Green Day will be releasing a new album full of b-sides and will be called "Shenanigans" It will be out in July of 2002.
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