Give Me Novacaine

Album: American Idiot (2004)
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  • This song is about the St. Jimmy character created by Jesus Of Suburbia committing suicide. It talks about all the pain Jimmy felt in his "suicide note" and that he needed something to relieve the pain he felt. Basically, it's Jimmy wanting life's problems to vanish. >>
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    Christpoher - LA Verne, CO
  • "I think 'Novacaine' is a song about trying to find that escape in places that are probably not the most healthy things in the world if you let it take you over, and you can really lose yourself in it," Billie Joe Armstrong told VH1 Storytellers. "I think that's what 'Novacaine' is about, that sort of defining moment where you actually lose yourself into your own demons in a lot of ways."
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  • Jack from Tokyo, JapanI always get the chills everytime I hear the instrumental bridge/break of the song.
  • Chuck from ColoradoActually, the line is "Jimmy says it's better than air". I find the song to be about one who wants to escape all that is happening in the world, how intolerable it is. So yeah, I think it's about drugs but also an escape which a drug can give. Or perhaps not wanting to face the reality that is life, and longing for peace from the thoughts of our own tortured minds, whole trying to sort out an insane world.
  • Hayes from Newark, OhTanya.Alex. and anyone who says this song is about drugs, is wrong. this song is when Wills girlfriend has the baby and he feels like he cant do anything. "Jimmy says it's better than here" is because Jhonny is having sex with Whatsername. so DUH its better! Novicane has a numbing feeling, so "tell me jimmy i wont feel a thing" is just a reassurance that the "novicane"(basically whatever he uses to dull pain, weather its cutting, drugs, or rock and roll) will work. like when the dentist tells you "this wont hurt a bit"
  • Spencer from Eugene, Orokay Jowe from bellingham Greenday is the best band ever, Billie joe has inspired me to go along with my music career, I am doing music recording with Upcast Music, and life cant be better, so Joe you can go f--k yourself you mother f--ker... anyways this song has changed a lot of lives I love this song... good job Billie Joe.
  • Devon from Wall, Nj"Darrell, Eugene," yes, the correct spelling of the word is "novocaine," but for whatever reason, Billie Joe called this song "Give Me Novacaine." This is how it appears on the CD cover and in the liner notes and lyrics.
  • Brad from Lexington, KyThis song has absolutely nothing to do with St. Jimmy's later mental/symbolic suicide. That doesn't happen until the album's penultimate track, "Homecoming". It is about, Jesus of Suburbia's alter ego, St. Jimmy, convincing JOS to take drugs.
  • Kayain from San Diego, CaYou know those people who actully research into bands and songs, well they sicken me because if you like a bands songs you don't have to be all stalkerish.... geeze.
  • Christian from Hubbard, Ohgive me novicaine- i can so relate
  • Maile from Kailua, Hihelllo novacaine is to numb so isnt that the reason he didnt want to feel anything
  • Molly from Liverpool, United Kingdomin the sng it sez "tell me jimmy i wont feel a thing" this means having his alter-ego, st jimmy, is focing him to take drugs as he is fed up about it.
  • Sean from Sierra Vista, AzSo much attention is paid to the J.O.S./St. Jimmy split personality theme that the political side of this song goes unnoticed. To me, an Iraq veteran dealing with PTSD, this song perfectly describes my experience. Yes, the song is about using drugs to escape from the harsh reality of everyday life ("out of body and out of mind... tell me I won't feel a thing"). But why does he want to escape? My take is that he's distraught by the war in Iraq and the changes in America since 9/11. I'll stop short of saying that Green Day were thinking about combat stress when they wrote this song but it fits perfectly with the symptoms of PTSD and the sufferer's desire to escape the "demons" of his "dreams."
  • Janet from Baltimore, MdThis is what I think:
    "Jimmy says its better than here" meaning that death is better than life.
    "Tell me Jimmy I won't feel a thing" - He's asking for reassurance that the suicide won't hurt.
    "So give me novocaine" could either be symbolic for death or it could mean that novocaine would be used before or instead of the suicide to numb the pain. And in the latter novocaine could be anything that numbs the pain.
  • Rheanna from Farmington, Mnif its jimmy then why does he say "tell me JIMMY i wont feel a thing"

    ooh didnt think of that did ya?
  • James from Houston, TxI agree with everything Aleah said in the comment.
    Green Day doesn't suck and the song is awesome
  • Aleah from New Kensington, Sc Anyone eles who says Green Day sucks is really stupid. Anyway, this song is cool, it's mellow yet very hard. Listening to it gives you this sort of high. That is the ultimite goal of the song, they want you to feel as Jimmy feels. That is what music is supost to be, to tell a story and make you feel human again.
  • Darrell from EugeneChristopher in Lavern, "Novocaine" is NOT spelled with an "a", like the popular 1970s Chevrolet product is. And by the way, when I have dental work done (which, at the age of 64 is fairly frequent), I never use Novocaine. I just use laughing gas, even during a root canal.
  • Katie from Temecula, Cathis is the best on the album!!! its about a guy who is kinda depressed and gives himself shots of novicane just 2 take the pain away and get away from all of it and just 2 numb himself
  • Ollie from London, Englandthis is one of my favourite green day songs. tbh, i dont care what other people think of green day. joe, you can go ahead and keep insulting the f*** out of this band, but the fact is that they are one of the bands in history ... i really do think you should get a new hobby, joe. GREEN DAY ROCK!! <3
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaGREEN DAY SUCKS! They do. Not only are they ruining what punk rock used to be, but they are making us forget what good music is. Off the top of my head, i can name at least 100 bands that are better than green day, hell! William Shatner sings better! Their songs suck, and have no meaning beyond: "Lets get kids to think they are rebels!" the singer is a transvestite loser, the drummer is a fat lard ass, and the bassist is a 50 year old wrinkly sack of crap! green day just plain sucks! GREEN DAY SUCKS!!!
  • Sara from Austin, Txsorry if this appears as a double-post, but something's wrong with my net connection.
    anyway, i was gonna say that this is probably my favorite song off "American Idiot" and that (in my humble opinion, anyway) the song's about someone who is very sad finding someone who makes them a little less sad. if that doesnt make much sense, wait 'til you find someone who is your "novocain"
    Green Day is often my novocain...
  • Bill from Erie, PaYeah, I think this song is probably about taking some stronger drugs than novocaine.
  • Jeff from Sothington, Cti agree with tanya too...this is about drugs and all the pain Jesus feels and the drugs he takes to numb the pain...the lyrics are about the feeling ex "the sensations overwhelming" Chris's fact is about Homecoming
  • Joe from Chicago, Arthis is a great song and i love it how they made each song on the ameircan idiot album is a chapter of jesus of suburbia's life and no this isn't about saint jimmy infact novacaine is a drug and this is about what Tanya from London said
  • Sarah from Sandiego, CaThis song ROCKS for my opinion I think this is one of the best songs on the album American Idiot.
  • Nick from Winnipeg, CanadaNovacaine is a drug to calm u down this song is about JOS or Jimmy(Same person)Trying to get Novacaine to calm him down and get rid of there problems for i bit
  • Benny from Melbourne, AustraliaThe song by Green Day "homecoming" is where St Jimmy commits suicide, so your 'fact' about this song should be on that board. That is what people are saying.

    When they performed this song live, during the chorus they had flames shooting up from the stage... it looked awesome :D
  • Christpoher from La Verne, Cowhat is the homecoming board? Give me a break anyway. I am musician that doesnt mean i know anything about song intrepetation. tahnk u all for the comments all the same. i will try tobe more accurate next time.:-)
  • Layla from Omaha, NeI did some research and noticed they have the word NOVACAINE spelled wrong. It's novocaine! I don't know if it was on purpose or not. Oh well.
  • Tanya from London, EnglandI think its fairly obvious that the song's aboyt drugs, as it's called 'Give me Novocaine' lol. Apparently dentists use novocaine on patients. That might be TOTALLY wrong though, I just heard it somewhere. Christophers fact for this should be on the Homecoming board
  • Alex from Loveland, Coi think this song is about doing drugs too,
  • Alex from Tappan, Nywow i had a lot of mistakes in there. sorry. but work with me
  • Alex from Tappan, Nyya this song is about him doing drugs he says so i wont fell a thing and the song has a lot more drug reffrences i agree with tanya
  • Tanya from London, EnglandErm isn't The Death of St Jimmy where he commits suicide? This is about Jesus of Suburbia doing drugs aint it? living life on the streets with Jimmy - 'Tell me Jimmy I won't feel a thing' and 'Jimmy says its better than here'
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