Album: Warning (2000)
Charted: 18


  • Billie Joe Armstrong: "Minority is about being an individual. It's like you have to sift through the darkness to find your place and be that individual you want to be your entire life." >>
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    Candice - Perth, Australia

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  • Hayes from Newark, OhMinority is the song that helped me decide to be me. No matter what they say. No matter who says what. they don't matter to me, I'm me, so they can all deal with it.
  • Zoe from Nanjemoy, MdOMG! This song is the BEST!
  • Tim from Pittsburgh, PaA great protest song cannot be without a harmonica part. We call that the Dylan Postulate. Awesome song.
  • Sc from Anchorage, AkWOW. I saw this on the Bullet in a Bible DVD, it absolutely blew my mind. I'm so mad that I couldn't be there! :(
  • Anna from Hopatcong, Njvery well written
  • Phoebe from Belchertown, MaAwesome song. good and to the point
  • Danny from Canonsburg, PaI love this song it rocks go green day
  • Sarah from Streetsboro, OhThis song is about our government whether you can see it or not. It basically means that if your a minority pretty much your f*cked. One nation under dog...try one nation under God. that is a give away (i learned about this in school). this song also says stepped out of the line... it means if we stepp out of line we get beat, that is if you are a minority.
  • Matt from Detroit Rock City, Migreat song..i agree with the lyrics.
  • Maria from Vernon, Nj"Roll roll roll a joint twist is at the ends light it up and take a puff and pass it to your friends" OMG i cracked up when i heard tre sayi it on you tube!! it is hilarious!
  • Maria from Vernon, Njminority is the best green day song ever! i love how some people are holding the balloons of billie, mike and tre!
  • Joe from Bellingham, Wano way, a green day song that i can tolerate??? You sneaky sneaky bastards! They should have been a one hit wonder, considering the entire band, every other song they wrote, every album they produced, everything they did to punk, every music genre that they're slowly killing, all sucks.

    I give this song a 4/10
  • Daniel from Melbourne, Australiaactually i read somewhere that the lyric - "down with the moral majority" is a reference to an american political party of the same name...
    look it up on watever search engine u use
    greenday rocks
  • Katie from Mc, InBEST SONG!
  • Billie from Rock Springs, WyI love this song Green Day ROCKS who ever knows this sayen is a true green day fan "Roll roll roll a joint twist is at the ends light it up and take a puff and pass it to your friends" ROCK ON PPL
  • Steven from West Carrollton, OhDanny of N.Y., you R WRONG!!! Speaking as a Green Day fan, I am offended....
  • Danny from Upstate, NyGreen Day is probably the cream of the crop within their genre, but I don't really see how that genre can appeal to anyone. Power chords, monotonous use of music theory, songs written to the same exact formula, and an overall mass of music that sounds the same seem to be very popular these days. You have the Beatles in the 60's, Zeppelin in the 70's, Guns N Roses in the 80's, Chili Peppers in the 90's, and in the 00's Green Day? Things have really gone downhill.
  • Mszacefron from Chicago, IlOMG LOVE THIS SONG..I totally agree with this song.. why should we follow the crowd?...there is no reason so being the minority rocks sometimes..
  • Kayla from Clarkton, Nci love it!!!! its like me & my friends not understanding. my "best friend" got called me a weird freak the other day & got mad at me for standing ^ 4 myself!!! screw her
  • Petrified Monkey from South Park, CoQuit the disn'n. Green Day is the best current day repesentation of there genere. People arn't going to stop likeing green day just cause you say you dont like em

    - Maggie, Maple Valley, Washinton
  • Delilah from Baltimore, MdThis is a really cool song. I remember i met this girl and she was writing the lyrics to it on a piece of paper and i was like that's so cool. I think it was the song that got me into green day. I love induviduality (or however you spell it) and hearing this song reminds you that its better to be an induvidual and not just be one of the people who walks around looking like they just came out of some fashion magazine.
  • Chode from Chodania, United Statesthis song rocks, i saw them playit on Comp'd i like the fact that they use an accordion in this song,pretty cool
  • Hannah from Maple Grove, MnCasey from VA, who the heck do u think u r by sayin that? have u eva heard the song that we r supposed to be commentin bout? "down with the moral majority" like scribble from ME said,that is a statement that says who cares bout the moral majority? do u see how that works?
  • Jake from Cambridge, CanadaThis song is the best and the lyrics in this song are AWSOME!!!Greenday is the best band ever there my favourite band i have like all there cd'sand posters and stuff, im listening to minority right now!!"i want to be the MINORITY"
  • Sarah from Georgetown, OhOk Every body that dises "Greenday" U suck i love green day their my favirote band in the whole world too.. so if u have a problem with greenday freak u... I love u greenday Isnt Billie Joe So Fine man I love him im a big fan of greenday their my favirote band i got like every one of their songs on my cell phone i got holiday right now and i have posters og them in my room like 20 of them and all of my friends love greenday too!! I LOVE YOU GREENDAY!!!! -.-Love sarah
  • Mark from Edmonton, Ca((( editor's note - post personal insults elsewhere, this is a music board. )))
  • Mark from Edmonton, Ca((( editor's note - watch your language and keep the personal insults to yourself )))
  • Casey from Fredricksburg, VaWow i'm pretty sure Billie Joe is more comcerned with counting all of his money than trying to be an individual, Green Day sucks
  • Kimberly from Greeley, Cothis song is good. billie joe is hotter before he made american idiot and was still a good old fashioned nerd. AND before he started wearing 7x the eyeliner that I wear and im a girl. tre cool's real name was frank edward III. thats sooo cool how he made his name tre cool which means 'very cool' in frech. tre is hot in the basketcase video. does anyone second that???
  • Paul from Castalia, NcThis is one of my favorite Green Day songs. The lyrics are just so well written, and the video is pretty cool to.
  • Nicola from Birtley, EnglandI love Greenday, i mean u cant get much better than them-theyve got attitude, imaginative ideas and they r just fab

    Rock on
    *i dont need to athourity, cos i wanna be the minority*
  • Tanya from London, EnglandSeeing this song live made me change my life :-D Go Green Day
  • Jade from LondonWow a Slutty gothic witch, bet u'l luk way kool!!! I duno whether i wil cry wen i c Bullet n a Bible, i dnt realy shw my emotion's, wel i do, but nt like that, i may do coz it wil b so emotional, wil hav 2 gt bk 2 u bout that. Lol!!!
  • Tanya from London, EnglandDont u worry i bloody will be seein that again. Im gonna ball my eyes out when i see that on bullet in a bible. i just know it. Woohooo i got my boots 2day 4 haloween party. proper slutty. only cost me a fiver lol not bad eh? Im goin as a gothic slutty witch with ripped fish net tights n evrythin :D woooohooo cant wait. omg this month is gona go so slow coz im excited about bullet in a bible. its scary, im glad ive got exams on :-s... might make it go abit faster lol
  • Jade from LondonWow your dyin your hair black, that's pretty kool, i'm sure your hair wil luk fine, even tho it is blonde, lol. I hav like light brwn hair, but i hav like natural highlight's as my hair was blonde wen i was litte. My cousion's a hairdresser so gt my hair dne quite alot, havin it dun gain this Thurs but havin sum colour n it aswel, lol, that's my random info. Enjoy the party tho, nt sure wot i'm doin on Halloween yet, lol! How cn ppl leave b4 the encore, friggin weirdo's! Lol, may'b 1dy we wil b'able 2 c Billie Joe perforn Time of your life gain!!!
  • Jade from Londonaah, hw cute, lol! I no, sum of the gig is jus a huge blur, nt sure why, may'b i was starstruck, lol! I'm nt normaly a cheesy prsn by the way,..... urgh, why did i say that, lol!!!
  • Tanya from London, EnglandYeah i think it was actually jade. its weird, i can remember loads of the gig really clearly but some parts are a blur. Probably the bits i cried at are the blurry bits lol. yeah that would make sense coz i cried at when september ends. God that was amazing live. broke my lil heart
  • Jade from LondonWasn't it played afta Wake me up wen Sept end's Tanya???
  • Tanya from London, Englandi know what u mean jade about the whole atmosphere changin. i seem to remember it bein just after either a sad or 'deep' song, if u get me. i might be wrong but i just seem to remember it really cheerin things up after a very serious part of the gig. anyways EVERYONE GET THE FREEKIN DVD FFS
  • Kathy from Lothian, Mdi love green day and billie joe armstrong and the bass player mike dirnt if they was here right now i would jumping all over them
  • Tanya from London, EnglandTHIS SONG LIVE. i got 2 dance around like a nutter :-) This song means SO much to me. At milton keynes, half way through he said sumthin along the lines of, "you are the f-ing leaders no b*astrd can take that away from you" As soon as he said that I just stopped dead. And realised how much I needed to change my life and stop other ppl rulin me. So i did n i'm so much happier. thanks billie joe. u rock
  • Marvin from Trenton, NjOkat, usually mind mumbing repetetivity and cliched lyrics aren't for me, but I love this, It's sits on top of my favorite songs list.
  • Jamie from London, United StatesI want to be the minority..... Sorry got carried away there lol. So again Green Day Rule!! One light, one mind flashing in the dark lighten by the silence of.... sorry carried away again. Green day rule btw it sez London, usa. It means London, England. Green Day RULE!!
  • Dave from London, EnglandGreen Day are definitely the best band at the moment and possibly one of the best ever.

    Minority is brilliant, regardless of the meaning and it's origin.

    Keep up the good work Billie, Mike and Tre
  • Rhiannon from OklahomaThis song is stupidT (as in good)
    I love the part where its like "one light one mind flashing in the dark- blinded by the silents of a thousand broken hearts for cryin out loud she sang unto me" and you know the rest
  • Charles from York, Ne Hey Scribble, but I'm sorry...you're mistaken. The "Moral Majority" was a political group of conservatives that disbanded in 1989. Among other trivial accomplishments, under the leadership of Tipper Gore, they fought to "keep children safe from explicit lyrics." Thus, they made sure that the now-infamous warning labels would be on all so-called "porn-rock" CDs. The world has yet improved because of it. Just thought I'd letcha'll know.
  • Taryn from Wallingford, Ctthis song is just sick..going to c them in hartford on september 9th...this is one of my top 5 fav songs ever from them
  • Casey from Nashua, NhLets all sout it Together "I wanna be the MINORITY
    I dont need your AUTHORITY Down with the moral MAJORITY cause I wanna Be THE MINORTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • Andy from Halifax, EnglandIt's a song that lets green day suck up to kids who want to be 'individuals'.
    "YOU ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS" Monty Python anyone?
  • Scribble from Peaks Island, MeIt means you don't have to be like the others, and you can have your own opinion. It speaks, "You are who you choose to be." //Down with the moral majority// that's a statement that says, "Who cares about the majority?! I can have my own opinion!" I love this song for it's individuality
  • Brett from Winnipeg, CanadaIt means that you should want to be who you are (the minority), not what society wants you to be (I don't need your authority
    Down with the moral majority)
  • Becky from Bournemouth, EnglandThis song is fab!! I love Greenday and Billie Joe is fit
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