Poprocks And Coke

Album: International Superhits (2001)
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  • This is a twisted look at a relationship. The guy in the song is rejected by the girl. However, he still expresses his love to her constantly despite the fact that she has no feelings for him.
  • Pop Rocks are a kind of candy that crackles when you put it in your mouth. There were schoolyard rumors that if you ate Pop Rocks and drank soda at the same time, it would explode. This song uses that as a metaphor for the relationship. >>
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    Eric - Pittsburgh, PA, for above 2
  • One of the most popular versions of the Pop Rocks and Coke rumors centered around John Gilchrist, the boy who played Mikey in the famous 1970s Life cereal commercial. It was said he died when his stomach exploded from having consumed this combination. These rumors are 100% false. >>
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    Patrick - Tallapoosa, GA

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  • Jimmy from Lancaster, Cai dedicated this song to my best friend elide :D i see it as the song is saying i'll be there for u no matter wat
  • Lacey from Chicago, Ilone of my favorite songs from green day.
    they rock and if you don't think so, then f--k you..because anyone who doesn't like green day is stupid. and i have all my reasons to prove it and more lovers than haters to back me up so BRING IT!! haha
  • Sam from Deerfield, Ilthis is like good riddance's brother
  • Rita from Mortagua, PortugalThere is a really cool videoclip of this song, with all them dressed as women and stuff. Just a videoclip about friendship, it seems to me.

    I made some friends on the web that were obcessed with green day as me, and when we we're saying goodbye, we just went "I'll be there for you." always. It was really cool. Now we're into other stuff, but we still say that.
  • Aisling from Dublin, Irelandthe best thing about this song is that it is so universal...whan my best friend is feeling down il send her the lyrics of this song to let her no il always be there for her...the song can also be applied to a relationship...i also ave to say greendays old stuff is way better...their new stuff is a bit to pop..
  • Jackie from Anderson, ScBrandon from AZ... your terribly mistaken. It has nothing to do with drugs. It was written at the point when Green Day almost broke up and they wrote it about their friendship. What does "wherever you go you know i'll be there. You name the time you know i'll be there. I'll go anywhere, so i'll see you there." have to do with drugs??
  • Nai from Battle/hastings, Englandgreenday rocked in 1992 and they will still rock in 2007 and forever more
  • Katie from Bennington, Vti agree with cool guy!!!!!

    the new stuff sucks
  • Patrick from Tallapoosa, GaCombining Pop Rocks and Coke will not make your stomach explode; however, they do fizz up really good. It might give you a lot of gas.
  • Brandon from Yuma, AzIt's another song about drugs. Poprocks = tweak... coke = coke.
  • Lisa from North Vancouver, CanadaI love this song! It's so..true!
  • Ashley from Livermore, Cathis song reminds me of me and my best freind so it always makes me happy
  • Jenna from Thornwood, NyThis song is about Billie, Mike and Tre's relationship, just watch the video and listen to the song deeply...you'll realize.
  • Clare from Liverpool, Englandthis song really DOES make me wanna be happy and sad at the same time.
  • Hailey from New York, NyYeah Morgan and Jade U rock!!This song was played at my wedding too!!Everyone loved it!!Ithink about the friends song!!This is for my best friend and my husband!!I Love you Brittany and Creed!!
  • Morgan from New York, NyThis song was played at mine and my husbands wedding!!!The words are beautiful!!And I wanna cry everytime I hear it!!
  • Jade from LondonWel post me msges on hw your getin on, do u actualy cum frm London? I cum frm Kent!!!???!!!
  • Tanya from London, Englandokies will do :-) My mates bro said he'll get me started when he gets some strings. Cant wait :-D
  • Jade from LondonYep Tanya your so rite, ppl on this site wuld no absolutely nufin wivout us, lol! Tel me wen u start learnin guitar, oh & by the way Tanya Green Day song's r so simple, so easy 2 pik up, the most simplest of riff's can sound the best!!!
  • Tanya from London, Englandjade, im likin the team work of us advertisin green days stuff lol. where would ppl be without us eh?
  • Tanya from London, Englandlol jade. i will learn soon. smoothed out slappy hours really makes me wanna play. anyway, FIRST PLAYING OF GREEN DAYS NEW VIDEO, JESUS OF SUBURBIA (which is out oct 24th i think), CHANNEL 4, 10.30pm, FRIDAY 14TH OCTOBER!!!!!! tape it coz it probs wont get played in full alot as its over 9 mins long. THEN, MILTON KEYNES DVD/CD (BULLET IN A BIBLE) OUT 14TH NOVEMBER. woooooooohooooooooooooo
  • Tanya from London, Englandim dying to learn guitar. Ever since I saw green day live
  • Jade from London, EnglandThis song is awesome & pretty easy 2 pick up on guitar, didn't tke me long at all!
  • Tanya from London, Englandbiggestgreenday fan, pulling teeth is about tres unicycle accident :-S
  • Tanya from London, EnglandLOVE this song. green day never fail to please me. even their new stuff. Love em
  • Biggestgreendayfan from Los Angeles, Caya'll are all wrong this song is about tre cool and a tradgic unicycle accident sorry Brett they told you wrong!
  • Cool Guy from Compton, CaThe old Green Day stuff = the good Green Day. American Idiot sucks and Green Day are sellouts.
  • Brett from Winnipeg, CanadaWell someone told me that the meaning to this song is that if you're down and sad that cocaine (or coke for short) will "be there for you." I didn't agree and explained that if poprocks and coke are mixed that they would be a good sensation, so that the two people in the song should be together. So i kinda got it right =D
  • Niall from Dublin, Irelandone of the most underrated green day songs ever
  • Paul from Falkirk, ScotlandI agree completely with the other 2 comments!
  • Josh from London, Englandi like this song because of the words to it. it sorta makes you wanna cry but be happy at the same time.
    (i know, im crazy)
  • Josh from London, Englandgreen day rock, not much more to say really
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