Green Jelly

Bill Manspeaker

Green Jelly Artistfacts

  • Their name was originally Green Jello, named as such because of their dislike for that particular flavor and because they thought it accurately described their musical sound.
  • They had to change it to Green Jelly after a demand by General Foods, owner of the Jello trademark.
  • Thanks to hard rock band Gwar, Green Jelly began using elaborate homemade props and costumes in their live shows.
  • They once appeared on The Gong Show, claiming to be the world's worst band.
  • After releasing an "album" on video, with music videos accompanying each of the songs, they billed themselves as the world's first "video-only" rock band.
  • Manspeaker goes by the names Marshall "Duh" Staxx and Moronic Dicktator.
  • Former vocalist Gary Helsinger is now the Director A&R, West Coast, for Universal. He was also Tour Manager for A Perfect Circle.
  • The band has had anywhere from 75-115 members since its inception.
  • They hail from Kenmore, New Jersey.
  • Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan and Tool drummer Danny Carey were both members of Green Jelly. That's where they met, before they broke off to form Tool.

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  • Scott from Buffalo NyThey actually originated in Kenmore NY, the band members having met while attending Kenmore West High School.
  • Sue from Kenmore, NyThey are from Kenmore New York, not New Jersey
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