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Album: Appetite For Destruction (1987)


  • This was written about Michelle Young, who was a friend of the band. When traveling to a gig with the band, Elton John's "Your Song" came on the radio, and Young remarked how she always wanted a song written about her. She was grateful they did not sugar-coat her life in the song. >>
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    Joe - Boston, MA
  • Early on, Guns N' Roses relied on a support network of women who kept them fed and sheltered (and served other needs). These ladies usually had similar sensibilities and unhealthy habits. Michelle Young was hoping for something sweet when she asked for a song about her, but Axl Rose instead delivered a warty lyric based on her hardscrabble life. "At the time, I didn't care because I was so f--ked up," she told Classic Rock magazine in 2005. "But what it says is all true: my dad does distribute porno films and my mom did die."

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  • Stukka63 from St.augustineAll west coast bar bands sound the same.
  • Ezdrew11 from Usa MassachusettesFound the Interview I was trying to explain..
  • Ezdrew11 from Usa MassachusettesWow, I guess some of you on here have no clue . NOT A REMAKE! Song Was Written about Friend Michelle. NO RAPE INVOLVED WITH THIS AT ALL! Michelle's Father was in the Porn business (not sure as to what extent) Michelle's mother died of Heroin Overdose. Michelle and the way she was basically crazy told everyone her life's story. Heavy Drug User. Axl wrote the song and played it for her asked if she was ok with it, and she was extremely happy how accurate the song was.
  • Lily from Los Angeles, CaYea,this is a cover,even my dad
    (who went to fairfax high with these ppl!) said so.but heyyy who knows!
  • Mady from Los Angeles, CaMichele Young and she met Slash in school and became just friends (I forgot if it was Fairfax Highschool or soem Jr High)
    I'd like to know who the song is about, and how does she know the band?
    - Kieran, Harlow, United States
  • Mady from Los Angeles, CaWHAT slip-k-riste-n-ot IS 100% UNTRUE -
    this song is actually bout michelle but axl was wanted for raping her but the mom did it with axl and told her daughter to let it go. i read it all in the biography book and on some interviews
    - slip-k-riste-n-ot, sydney, Australia
  • Mady from Los Angeles, CaI knew Michelle, Axl, and Slash....believe it or not. Please do not post crap about me lying. I do not care if you believe it. Michelle Young was a friend of Saul (Slash) in school. Her father was president of Essex Home Video (the largest Porn video company). Her mother died of Heroin overdose when she was young (never asked how old Michelle was when her mother died). Michelle had issues of her own. I will not go into detail... .Michelle always looked like she just came out of a beauty parlor. She always looked perfect. Perfect hair, perfect manicure, perfect and expensive clothes..etc. She then would proceed to tell anyone and everyone stories about her crazy life. They were far more "crazy", in my opinion than Axl, Slash, me, or anyone I knew. I could not believe the things she would say in a “matter of fact way”. I was shocked. I could not tell from the looks of her she lived this lifestyle. Hence, "Your Daddy works in Porno now that Mommy's not around, She used to love her heroin but now she's underground, So you stay up late up night and you do you coke for free, driving your friends crazy with life’s insanity, well well well, you just can't tell, well well well My Michelle....look out". My Favorite GnR song. Axl wrote the lyrics and he nailed it 100%. If you knew her, you would get it....
  • Sage from Warrenton, Vai am 100% certain the Misfits did not do this song originally. GNR doesnt have enough talent to cover a Misfits song.
  • Slip-k-riste-n-ot from Sydney, Australiathis song is actually bout michelle but axl was wanted for raping her but the mom did it with axl and told her daughter to let it go. i read it all in the biography book and on some interviews
  • Matt from Ottawa, OnThis isn`t a cover. The only sort of covers were Think About You and Anything Goes, but those were songs written and preformed by Axl in his old band, Hollywood Rose.
    Thats all.
  • Blane from Pocola, OkIT IS NOT A COVER SONG. if it was they would have put it on the spaghetti incident.
  • Peter from Nyc, NyI can't believe the amount of misinformation and non-sense I read on this sight. THIS IS NOT A MISFITS SONG. Appetite For Destruction was an album of original material. There isn't one cover on it. The song is written about Michelle Young who was a friend of Slash's from high school. They both attended Fairfax High School on Melrose and Fairfax in Hollywood. Through Slash she met the rest of the band. She was a complete mess on drugs and alcohol. The song is pretty up front with the facts.
  • Alvaro from Santiago De Chile, ChileAxl once said in an interview around 1990 that every time they went to the city she lived in, he was glad to know she was still alive.
  • Spencer from Mcbride, Canadaawesome song...michelle was a close friend of Axl Rose.
  • Jordan from Las Vegas, NvI would've thought it wasn't a Misfits song since they never sang it. A.F.I. did however cover the song.
  • Ethan from Leicester I really resent anyone saying this songs a Misfits song as so many people have pointed out it Isn't. One of the best songs on the record, but Appetite is one of the best albums of all time anyway so it's hard to pinpoint.
  • Dejaye from Wagga, Australiamy fav gnr song for all people who dont know IT IS NOT A MISFITS SONG i get real angry when people mistake it for a cover when any one who is a guns n roses fan knows its not and still saya it is you should all be ashamed
  • Conor from Vancouver, CanadaProbably the Most Heavy Duty Song on the album. The Bridge of the song(Everyone needs love, you know that it's true.) was really good. Not their best, but good.
  • Josh from Las Vegas, Nvmy favorite non-hit gnr song
  • Natalie from Manchester, EnglandGreat song, AMAZING guitar riff by slash, everything written about 'michelle' in the song is true. the original version was a song about how sweet she was, but axl decided he'd rather write the truth, and michelle prefered that
  • Bob from Kelowna, CanadaThis song was written for Michelle (forgot last name) after she commented on "your song" by Elton John, and how she wished somone would write one for her.
  • Shana from Pembroke, CanadaI love this song...good stuff
  • Scott from Mt. Pearl, CanadaThe cover is NOT better than the original, the original being written by GnR, not the Misfits.
  • Adam from Federal Way, WaI thought that the A.F.I cover was good, it sounded fuller than the original
  • Kieran from Harlow, United StatesI'd like to know who the song is about, and how does she know the band?
  • Franny from Spencer, MaThis song is actually NOT a misfits song.
  • Maggie from Germantown, NyYes, and as much as I like A.F.I., the cover still sucks.
  • Joel from Panama City, FlThis song was covered by the band A.F.I.
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