Angel on Fire

Album: Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (2017)
  • During this cinematic tune, Ashley Nicolette "Halsey" Frangipane sings about her habit of throwing a bash at her Los Angeles home for her friends, then hiding away.

    'Cause they talk and drink and laugh 'bout things
    And fall in love in my backyard
    I hide and cower in the corner
    Conversation's getting hard

    "It's about me having a party at my house that I'm not attending," Halsey explained to The Guardian. "I locked myself in my bedroom, went to sleep and let everyone party until 6am. Then I did it again. And again, and again."

    When asked why she did this, Halsey explained: "I like entertaining people, I just don't like having to do it myself"

    She added: "It's awesome because the next week people come up to you and say: 'Your party was sick!'"
  • Everyone at Halsey's parties are assumed to be her friends, but it is a superficial relationship based on the singer's fame and fortune.

    Nobody seems to ask about me anymore

    Halsey explained: "Everyone thinks they know what's going on in my life, because they read it on the internet. I'll buy a table at a restaurant, I'll buy bottles, I'll pay for everyone, then we'll go to the movies. People I barely know. I'm trying to make friends, I'm trying to get to know people. Nobody says thank you because they're like: 'Ashley has money.'"


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