Penny And Me

Album: Underneath (2004)
Charted: 10
  • The group's drummer Zac Hanson told us: "What 'Penny And Me' talks about is how music weaves through your life and how important it is. How it ties in all your friends and loved ones, whether it's a wife or girlfriend or whatever, it's always Penny And Me, you're always bringing these people with you through the music you listen to. It's really a love song to music in a lot of ways, just the importance of what great music does, whether it's the song you dance to on your wedding night or that great album you listened to on a road trip with your friends, it's something that you really relate your life to, through what you heard, albums and songs."
  • The title is a reference to "Penny Lane" by The Beatles. Some other famous songs are also mentioned in the lyrics: The line "Singing along to Feelin' Alright" refers to the 1968 Traffic song that was covered by Joe Cocker. "Making it by under a pink moonlight," is a reference to the 1972 Nick Drake song "Pink Moon," and also to his album of the same name, which is one of Hanson's favorites.
  • Zac: "That song has been written for a little while. This whole album process for the album Underneath, it took a while. There were a lot of songs written, and we got to the end of this process and we really felt like we hadn't finished the album without that song, so we went back in and we recorded that song. That capped off the album and we said, 'Hey, it's done.' What it's talking about is that love of music and the importance of it. What it does throughout your life is something we wanted on the album." (Check out our interview with Zac Hanson.)
  • Hanson co-produced the song with Danny Kortchmar, who has done a lot of work with Don Henley, James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne. >>
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  • Terry from Grafon, WiI just love the music video to this song. So carefree and creative. It just makes me honestly want to drive around with the windows down in my car, blaring the music, or sit at home with a cup of coffee and do some painting. I will always love Hanson! One of my favorite bands OF ALL TIME!
  • Bailey from Buena Park, Cagreat song Hanson is definitely one of the most underrated bands of our time
  • Christina from Ottawa, CanadaThis one is definately on the Soundtrack of my life! :)
  • K from San Francisco, Cafinnally! its like hanson was reading my mind! for me everything goes back to music. All my memories, every moment I have ever lived. Music is like a photo album shared by the entire world, each song means something different to someone else. Plus this song has all those great gotta love a song that makes yoy go "huh i know what they mean when they say..."
    Bravo, great album too :)
  • Heather from Waukesha, WiThis song is one of the best songs on the cd. It makes me smile to know that I'm a proud Hanson fan. Underneath is an amazing cd and I'll never stop being a fan.
  • Heather from Stony Brook Long Island, Nyi was a huge hanson fan...........but i was six then
  • Anthony from St. Clair Shores, MiOMG HANSON! lolz*
  • Madeline from Melbourne, AustraliaPenny and me is a great song. Underneath is a fantastic album. i'm a life long fan
  • Bobbie from Calgary, Canadai L-O-V-E hanson i have loved it my whole life!!i can remember being like 3 years old listening to mmm-bop im a #1 fan of hanson all the way I LOVE YOU!!! oh and dude YOU GUYS ARE SEXXXXXY!!! like so hot or what? YES!!!!!so like MARRY ME ZAC!!! yeah! power to hanson!
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