Album: Blood for Blood (2014)


  • Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul discussed the song during an interview with Loudwire: "It's in different time signature," he said. "It's in 6/8. I don't think I've ever ventured onto anything in Hellyeah with 6/8. It was a different mood."

    "I remember when I first played the demo for Kevin [Churko, producer], just the music, he was, like, 'Man, there's something really special there,'" he added, "It's really dark but it's also beautiful."
  • This was the first song that vocalist Chad Gray felt drawn to musically when recording the Blood for Blood album. Paul told Loudwire: "He wrote the lyrics, sang the words to that song first. That was an odd choice even by Kevin. He was, like, 'Man, I thought for sure he was going to dig into the real heavy stuff out of the chute,' and he really felt drawn to that song."

    "It's a song basically about - there are so many things in life that you know are wrong and you're going to get burned, but you have to give it a try, whether it's relationships, jobs, this, that or another," Paul added. "It's like a moth, it sees that flame and it's drawn to it even though it's made out of paper and he's going to get torched when he gets there. That's kind of what the song is all about."
  • Fancy some moth fun facts?

    There are thought to be approximately 160,000 species of moths.

    The domesticated moth Bombyx mori is farmed for the silk with which it builds its cocoon. It the only insect to have been fully domesticated (unlike the bee, the silk moth cannot live in the wild and is not known in a wild form).

    There is a species of tiger moth which has developed a way of jamming bats' echo-location to avoid being eaten.

    As a pastime, watching moths is known as mothing, which has given rise to the term "mother" for someone who engages in this activity. It is sometimes written with a hyphen (moth-er) to distinguish it from the more common word of the same spelling.

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