Queen Of The Sea "Queen Mary"

Album: Among My Souvenirs (1936)


  • Anyone who has heard this song will realize why the Queen Mary was launched to the strains of "Rule, Britannia!" The ship was commissioned from John Brown in 1929, Christened in 1934, and started its maiden voyage on May 27, 1936 from Southampton to New York via the French port of Cherbourg.
  • "Queen Of The Sea" was written by Horatio Nicholls, a prolific composer who made a habit of this sort of song; his compositions include "Here's Health Unto Our New King" and a sugary tribute to the pioneer aviatrix Amy Johnson. His eulogy to the Queen Mary includes a monologue "to be recited during playing of the chorus."

    The lyrics are rather basic:

    British labour gave its skill and it's giving me a thrill.
    The ship is all British, it's wonderful, too. The ship is manned by a British crew. So when I go over the sea, the 'Queen Mary' takes me.
  • The sheet music was an overpriced one shilling from Lawrence Wright Music Co Ltd. At best this is a third rate advertising jingle, and was undoubtedly recorded at the insistence of its publisher. There was a good reason Mr. Wright was so enthusiastic about the song: He wasn't just a publisher, but a songwriter, and he wrote under the name Horatio Nicholls! >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 3

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  • Gerald from Norman, OkWhoever said that this is an "awful song" is full of it! Where does he/she get this idea? This song is no differently styled than most of the songs of the 1930's. This is a WONDERFUL song, both lyrics and music, and is perfectly fitting for the era and a wonderful ocean liner like RMS Queen Mary!
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