by Hurt


  • The literal and primarily implied meaning of this song is the journey of a man's addiction to narcotics. It can, however, be interpreted to include the oncoming process of almost any form of addiction. >>
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  • Johnny from Panama City FloridaThe song is more about his trying to get a connection with Morpheus the goddess of Dreams his son died at a very young age and so he sees him in his dreams so he begging morpheus to bring him a dream
  • Andrew from 55744I met these guys just outside of Ft. Carson Colorado in 2005. It was a local small-time bar, but I had already about eight thousand times before I went to see them with some battle buddies :) ( Villa you know who you are ) They were personable as can be... down to earth as f--k! and his violin is describable... much respect and a must see live! go ARMY.
  • Ash from Rochester, Nyhow do we know if these songs are about his life or if there jus songs does he write all the songs does anyone know
  • Antonio from Brighton, CoThis song not only seems like a short story of addiction, but a need for human connection as well. For a full understanding of the song I think that you need to feel the sound and looking at the art work on the album.
  • Tom from England, United StatesThis song is great i mean J's voice as he bellows through it its so powerful.
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