On Top Of The World

Album: Night Visions (2012)
Charted: 34 79


  • This upbeat track finds Imagine Dragons celebrating a breakthrough for the band after striving for years to become successful. The song originally appeared on the band's major-label debut EP Continued Silence, before appearing on their debut studio album Night Visions. Released as the LP's third single, it topped the chart in Portugal and also reached the Top Ten in Australia, Austria, The Netherlands and New Zealand.
  • The Matt Eastin and Corey Fox directed video was filmed in Utah and plays on the long-held conspiracy theory that the first moon landing was staged. Blades Of Glory actor Jon Heder has a cameo as a Russian cosmonaut. Other people to appear in the video include Raising Hope's Whit Hertford, the cast of Studio C, Nico Vega singer Aja Volkman, and Fictionist guitarist Robbie Connolly.
  • The visual also contains a number of several blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments, including several nods to Stanley Kubrick films and the Paul is dead urban legend that surrounded the Beatles (see the white car's changing license plate around the one-minute mark). "It's a very different video; if you've watched our videos, you know to expect the unexpected. But I think this is my favorite," frontman Dan Reynolds told MTV News. "There's a lot going on it it, some if it is subliminal. 'Sno Gard.' I'll say that. It has no meaning to you, but when you see the video, you'll be like 'Sno Gard ... okay, Dan gave me a good hint.'"

    The phrase "Sno Gard" — which is "Dragons" spelled backwards features several times in the clip.
  • The song was licensed for inclusion on the soundtrack of the FIFA 13 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 video games. Other appearances in the media include serving as the opening theme of the short-lived CBS comedy series Partners and being used in a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 advert.
  • This was performed by the PS22 Chorus during Barack Obama's second United States presidential inauguration.

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  • Bridget from CoSo there's a nod to the Paul is Dead hoax in this video.. intriguing, seeing as I knew there was something having to do with The Beatles in the video, but I couldn't tell what.
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