That International Rag

Album: Hello Ragtime (1913)


  • "That International Rag", also referred to as "The International Rag", was copyrighted August 12, 1913, and was one of many attempts by Irving Berlin to capitalize on his massive 1911 hit "Alexander's Ragtime Band". And it shows. Echoes of the latter song can clearly be heard in the former, but Berlin never came close to repeating the success of his monster hit with any of his subsequent rags. Actually, "That International Rag" is not strictly a rag, but the first part of the title is correct, because he wrote it while on a visit to London. He actually came up with it under extreme pressure the night before it was performed, by Berlin himself, in the show Hello Ragtime.
  • Published by Waterson, Berlin & Snyder, Carrie McManus appears on the front of one edition of the sheet music; it was also recorded on Victor by Billy Murray the same year, 1913. The song was used in the 1938 film Alexander's Ragtime Band in which it was performed by Alice Faye, Jack Haley and Chick Chandler. (This film is not to be confused with two earlier shorts of the same name).
  • "That International Rag" was also used in the 1953 film Call Me Madam in which it was performed by the lady with that unique voice, Ethel Merman. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 3


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