Album: Sleep Through The Static (2008)


  • Jack Johnson explained to the Sun newspaper January 25, 2008 that he originally wrote and recorded "Angel" as a Christmas present for his wife Kim: "She likes the song. What keeps me writing love songs is her reaction to them when I play them to her. It always feels so nice to express how in love you are with someone. She wasn't precious that I put it on a record. One song 'Bubble Toes' was pretty personal. It was a nickname I had for her but I wrote that before I ever thought I was going to sell so many records.
    My editing process is better about what I do or don't put on a record. There were little things like the time on our last record when I talked about locking my bike to her. Little stories like that get people asking about our personal life so it is a little tricky. But, at the same time, I've never shared anything that I wouldn't want to share. We're not letting people in to our world to the point of giving out things that are embarrassing or that would embarrass her. I guess that would be a kind of rude thing to do for me."

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  • Zsa Zsa Padelli from PhilippinesJack Johnson is my favorite singer and all his songs are very very soft song and soft to listen...
  • Sara from Brisbane, AustraliaI went to his concert this year. He was telling us that his son began to ask questions about the birds and the bees and he explained it to him using this song and the theory of multiplying.
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