At or With Me

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  • This track from Hawaiian singer-songwriter Jack Johnson's fifth studio album To The Sea was recorded live in one take and left untouched. "That's a really fun track," Johnson told MTV News. "We did it one time, thinking it was just demo-ing. It was one take, one time, and that's the tone on the album."
  • The song was recorded in Johnson's solar-powered studio The Mango Tree in Hawaii and the location was a reason for Johnson working fast. He explained to MTV News: "You know, the studio doesn't have any windows in it, and it's kind of this closed-off space. We went in there to work. But it's also the kind of place you want to spend as little time as possible in. You wanna go outside. Or, at least, I did."
  • In the song's music video Andy Samberg and his crew show up at a Johnson gig and start berating him. The singer jumps off the stage and tackles the Saturday Night Live comedian. Samberg has previously parodied Johnson on the SNL show, making light of his "mellow" demeanor.
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