If I Could

Album: In Between Dreams (2005)


  • Johnson: "It's related to the first record. The song 'Mud Football' on that album was dedicated to Moe Lerner. He was a friend of our family that passed away while I was making Brushfire Fairytales. I started writing If I Could way back then because he'd meant a lot to a whole lot of people out on the North Shore. And before he passed away, he called around to everybody to let everyone know that he was going. He told everybody that he felt really at peace because he had had a chance to meet his grandkids. That was just really a beautiful thing to me. And I wanted to write about it because he was making jokes and everything when he had only two weeks to live. It was really nice that he was able to be so positive about it. I think it had a lot to do with transferring that love from yourself to your kids and, even more, to your grandkids - passing the love and spirit on. We're sort of whole ourselves. But then there's that grander thing of us all being connected."

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  • Nedelina from ViennaMy godfather was 42 when his second daughter was born and within a month he got ill and died. I wish I'd found that song then, especially the "new life makes losing life easier" part.
  • Bethany from Carlisle, United KingdomMy grandmas got cancer and I listen to it all the time, because it's what she says - I'll keep a piece of her. It makes me feel better, cz I know I'd give her part of my life, if I could
  • Dan from Bensalem, PaWhen this song came out I was in the hosptial not expecting to make it out. I told my wife that this was perfect timing for this song as it was meant for her. I wanted this song to be played at my funeral but as you can see I survived. Excellent song. even this day when I hear it it takes me back to those time and all the consolation for her
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