The Journey of Your Life

Album: Barefoot Blue Jean Night (2011)
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  • Jake Owen explained during a preview of Barefoot Blue Jean Night to the media and label executives, that this philosophical acoustic ballad reminded him of his own grandpa. He added that he was proud when producer Tony Brown suggested he play the guitar parts on the song in the studio, as it was the first time he had played on one of his own records.
  • Owen told The Boot this song means a lot to him. "It's just a song about life," he said. "I've had a pretty awesome journey and an awesome mom and dad. As rockin' as my record is, this one song really identifies me."
  • Before recording this song for Barefoot Blue Jean Night, Owen had already been playing it for a while, just him sat on a barstool. He told The Boot he decided to include it on the album, as he wanted something that sounded different without his usual backing band and he was "flattered" that they allowed him to do that.
  • The song finds Owen singing: "You'll need a hero/ And a good dog/ Especially a good dog." Owen has "two good dogs" at home. He told The Boot: "Dogs keep you sane. You can be mad and come home, and your dog will look at you and be like, 'All I want is a scratch on my head.' There's simple things in that song that were stated very simply, yet they're very profound."
  • Owen told Billboard magazine: "'Journey of Your Life' is probably the best song I've ever recorded, because for me my granddad is the rock of our family and he's instilled a lot of really strong morals and values within myself and my family. He's really been the anchor of our family."


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