VW Van

Album: American Love (2016)


  • Jake Owen first heard this Paul Reter and Brent Stenzel penned song as he was about to embark on a road trip from Nashville to Key West, Florida in his pearly green 1966 Volkswagon Microbus. He told Radio.com: "I hadn't heard it [at the time it was written]. But my buddy who is a songwriter saw that I was doing that VW van trip, he sent me an email saying that his friends had written a song that maybe I could use. And I thought, 'This is perfect for the record.'"
  • This was the first writing credit for Paul Reter and Brent Stenzel. "It was really cool because the guys that wrote it hadn't really had a song on a record before," said Owen. "Now they're on the map; one of the guys said that now he's working on a publishing deal. So they're really excited, and that all ties into the mantra and theme of this whole album, which is: when people are able to benefit from things I'm doing, whether it's this song, or whether it's someone who signed my van and got a picture, I was able through this whole process to connect with people in really special ways, and that's something that I'm proud of."


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