Power Over Men


  • This song came together quickly in London's The Square Studio, where Jamie T recorded the majority of Trick. "It's one of those songs that was a real rarity," he told BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac. "I kind of wrote it in one afternoon and recorded it the next day, which doesn't normally happen in the way we work. So it was a real refreshing thing for us."
  • Jamie T. explained to NME that the raunchy lyrics are about a "femme fatale" figure. It was inspired by "a few people" he knows.
  • The music of Joe Jackson was an influence on this track. "I like the way he talks about women in his songs," Jamie said.
  • The video follows a woman who appears prim and proper, but is actually a dominatrix. It was directed by Tom Beard, who also did Jamie's "Tinfoil Boy" video.


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