Album: Thirty One (2015)


  • Jana Kramer debuted this dismissal of a bad relationship during an ACM Sessions episode, where she performed her songs at the AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas. The song finds Kramer addressing a guy who breaks up with her, realizes he made a mistake, and comes back around for another chance:

    I ain't the kind of thing that you can throw away
    Watch it circle 'round
    There's nothing left to say

    "It's called 'Boomerang' 'cause boys, we are not your boomerang," said the singer.
  • Here are some boomerang fun facts courtesy of The Encyclopedia of Trivia:

    The oldest boomerang found was in Olazowa Cave in Poland. Made out of a Mammoth tusk, it is has been dated to be about 30,000 years old.

    Boomerangs were found in King Tutankhamen's tomb (1371 - 1325 BC) in excellent condition. Some of them were capped with gold.

    Although difficult to say with any precision, it seems that the boomerang name is loosely based on the Aborigine shout; "boom my row", which roughly means, 'return, stick'. The stick that returns to the thrower was first described in detail and recorded as a "boumarang" in 1822.

    The existence of the traditional boomerang is restricted to the Eastern and Southern Australia. It was unknown to Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory, Tasmania, half of South Australia and the northern parts of Queensland and Western Australia.

    The longest time in the air for a boomerang is over two minutes.

    2251 consecutive boomerang catches is the current world record.
  • The song was co-written by Maddie & Tae of "Girl in a Country Song" fame.


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