Album: Surrealistic Pillow (1967)
  • The letters in the title refer to the chords used in the song, and according to Paul Kantner, the number is "a reference to LSD-25. It's basically an LSD-inspired romp through consciousness. I can't even remember the words at this point."
  • This is the only song on the Surrealistic Pillow LP that was written and sung by Paul Kantner. >>
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    Mark - Hot Springs, CA, for above 2

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  • Michele from New YorkGorgeous song
  • Johnhardesty from Bardstown, KentuckyJefferson Airplane will be immortalized through the pale and wanton garbage played nowadays, like the Phoenix, they'll rise above the heap of ashes and take another ride through the gilded mountain range of Rock n Roll Hall of Fame highway!
  • Mac from Evanston, IlOne of JA's best. Kantner was a better songwriter in my opinion when he was still in his gentle-flower-child phase before, ca. 1969, he turned toward Weather-Undergroundish exhortations to violence, etc. "Surrealistic Pillow" is a great album, but this may be the most beautiful song on it.
  • Jimmie from San Francisco, CaThis song IS San Francisco, circa: late sixties.
    Being a kid from San Diego that meant a long hitch, the high point of which was always a cruise through sunny Big Sur. Then wet, foggy City hills & sidewalks. IT's ITs, bronze MUNI tokens, and rattleing green street-cars; funky victorians, smelling of too many cats, incense and really good grass (that wholesaled by the pound instead of by the "brick" or "half-brick"). Ah, YOUTH!
  • Mark B. Stoned from Desperate Hot Springs, CaSame here. This song is an absolutely underrated classic.
  • Reed from New Ulm, MnOne of my favorites from the Airplane.
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