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  • Jennifer Hudson experienced a terrible tragedy in October 2008 when her mother Darnell, brother Jason, and nephew Julian were gunned down by her former brother-in-law, William Balfour. She penned this song in her mom's memory. Hudson told UK newspaper The Daily Mirror the song title "came from something my mother always used to say, 'If you moan, it makes you better if something hurts.'"
  • Hudson admitted to The Observer that performing such an emotional, personal song is tough. "But" she added, "Mom would always tell us if you are hurting, moan and you will feel better."

    "There is not a day that goes by when I don't repeat the things she said," Hudson continued. "She was very quiet. The complete opposite of us kids. Now she has gone, I realise she had a lot to say. My brother, too, I hear him, too. When we were kids any time my brother saw me crying he would be like, 'Jenny, knock it off.' And that's what I hear him say when I cry now."
  • The song was produced by Kortney "Mali Music" Pollard. He told The Boombox: "This was the first time she really went on to speak about it (the tragedy). I didn't take that lightly. It was a very magical thing, I don't know how I knew to do it. I just thought it'd be a really cool idea and would like it if someone handled me like that."
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