• Every day
    I still hear my momma sayin'
    She had to moan
    Every way
    She's still with me every day
    In my, in my souls, in my soul

    She taught me to moan all my cares away yeah
    So I moan, oh
    Oh I,
    I moan, yeah

    Oh oh

    Sometimes you gotta moan, my momma said oh
    To the tears, yeah to the places, hoo


    Hoo, hoo
    When I'm down
    When I'm lost
    And I can't find
    Which way to go

    When I'm scared
    Scared of messing up
    When the pressure is way too much
    When I feel like I can't go on, yeah
    I start singin' and I moan

    Uh, hoo
    Ooh hoo hoo yeah

    I start singing, yeah
    And I moan

    When ? In despair
    Yeah I wanna sing
    Like no one cares
    And I'm scared
    Scared of messing up
    We in the pressure is way too much

    When I feel like I can't go on, yeah yeah
    I start singin' and I moan, ooh
    You see I feel better, better,
    Ooh, better now

    If I moan
    Oh it takes the pain away
    Takes the pain away
    So when I miss you
    I start singin' and I moan

    My momma taught me, momma taught me
    Never ? I know, yes
    I would take it, and take it everywhere I go
    See if you think you've seen it all
    'Cause you did
    Keep on livin' for as long
    So when I miss her
    I start singin' and I moan ooh yeah ooh yeah

    Sometimes is beyond words, hoo yeah
    So I gotta to moan
    So I gotta moan yeah
    I think it's better
    Yes I do

    So when you're when you're down (when I'm down)
    When you're lost
    If you can't find which way to go
    You don't know which way to go

    'Cause when I'm scared
    And feel alone yeah
    I start singin'
    That's what I do, yeah and I moan Writer/s: JENNIFER HUDSON, KORTNEY POLLARD
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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