Completely Not Me

Album: Girls Volume 2: All Adventurous Women Do… (2014)


  • This song plays during the end credits of the "Truth or Dare" episode of the HBO series Girls. Speaking with, Girls' Music Supervisor, Manish Raval, said: "The end credit spot is for our prized possessions. It's really for us to try and showcase something we're really into, because that's where we leave the viewer with a musical thought or message or emotion. And the Jenny Lewis spot scores a very emotional moment that happens in the second episode where you know the cast is reunited with Jessa. I love the song, I love the moment, I love the last image of that moment. I think that's my favorite spot of the season."
  • Lewis penned the song with Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmangli. She told Rolling Stone: "I just had this song on Girls that my friend [Rostam Batmangli] wrote the music for, and he sent me a track to write over and I did. He wrote the music, and I wrote the melody, and the top line as it were, and I just learned what a top line was, and the music, and we spent a day with his friend Ariel [Rechtshaid, producer] at his studio in the Valley. We weren't able to do more than one song I originally wanted to do more songs with him but the Girls soundtrack was originally a great outlet for this one collaboration."


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