Five Short Minutes of Love

Album: I Got A Name (1973)


  • A track from Croce's last album released before he died in a plane crash, this one is about the Plaster Casters, who were notorious groupies known for making molds of rock stars' penises. The leader of this pack was Cynthia Plaster Caster, who Frank Zappa considered a brilliant conceptual artist and who Kiss wrote a song about. In Croce's tale the singer finds himself sentenced to 20 years in jail for his five minutes of statutory pleasure.
  • This song created some understandable tension in Croce's marriage. According to his wife Ingrid, Jim admitted to getting serviced by the Plaster Casters, which she didn't appreciate.

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  • Cern Green from Indiana, UsaIn response to the above comment that Jim was "serviced by the Plaster Casters", Jim Croce is not listed among the artists that were subjects of the Plaster Casters' artwork (see list at This was just one of the things in contemporary society that Jim included in his music.
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