Take It Off

Album: It's All Good (2011)


  • This is the lead single from Country music artist Joe Nichols' seventh album. The song is a play-on-words of the title and follows a vacation involving various things you can take off such as a Jeep soft top and sunglasses in the water.
  • The video was directed by Potsy Ponciroli with TackleBox Films and filmed in downtown Nashville. "Yeah, the title does make it sound like a 'Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off' kind of song," Nichols said with a laugh. "But titles can be deceiving. 'Tequila' was a playful song, and so is this one. Basically the song's lyrics are encouraging you to take off that heavy responsibility, those cares and woes, and enjoy life. And that's the idea we wanted to present with the video. I am encouraging these hard working people to lighten up and take it easy, if only for an afternoon."
  • Nichols told Billboard magazine that this piece of breezy summertime fun reminds him of a simpler time: "It takes me back to when I was a kid, and we would go out to the lake or the river and chill out all day. We'd do some stuff that we weren't supposed to be doing," he said.
  • Nichols told The Boot that it was the song's suggestive title, which drew him to it. He explained: "I'm a fan of suggestive titles - I think it's the first thing people catch. As a friend of mine told me one time, it's always good to have a bumper sticker. So I think the hook-line "take it off" sounds inviting, sounds a little bad, a little wrong. [laughs] That was the first thing that drew me to it, and the song just feels fun."


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