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Album: Warriors Soundtrack (1979)
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  • Joe Walsh wrote this song for the 1979 movie The Warriors, which became a cult classic with the lines, "Warriors, come out to play" and "Can you dig it!" Walsh explained: "In The City" was written for the movie The Warriors. A friend of mine named Barry DeVorzon (he produced The Association) was in charge of the music for the film and asked me to come up with something. I went to junior-high school at P.S. 216 in Queens (NYC). I was in a gang, but we weren't that tough because I had to be in by 7:30 to practice clarinet. Anyway, I came up with 'In The City' out of memories of growing up partly in New York City, which contrasted a lot from where I lived before that, which was Ohio." >>
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    Vincent - Minneapolis, MN
  • Walsh joined the Eagles for their 1976 Hotel California album, but it was three years before they released their next album, The Long Run. "In The City" was included on the album, which was released after the Warriors soundtrack (Songfacts on the Eagles version). The subject matter of the song didn't really suit the Eagles, but in a 1981 BBC interview, Walsh explained why it was released as an Eagles track: "The Warriors was made about gang-type city situations, and I related to that, having grown up in New York City, so again it was a positive statement to go against the desperation of miles and miles of concrete and growing up in a city – that really can affect you, and we thought it was a valid thing to put on The Long Run, and so we chose to do it."

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  • Shelley from Milwaukie, Or.How I miss the songs of my youth! When they came on the radio one could glide on an imagination-rich journey; at least for 2-3 minutes :)
  • Doug from Bristol, MeAnd besides the The Long Run album, the Eagles included a live version of it on their Hell Freezes Over tour album/CD. They make excellent use of the opening riff to the Beatles' "Day Tripper" to end the song without the repeat-and-fade that's on studio versions.
    WB6ACU, Joe, knows how to ROCK.
  • Al from Hollister, CaJW is an icon for sure but, nothing here I've read talks about his greatest piece; "the Barnstorm" album itself.
    Itunes doesn't even carry it.
    I have an excellent album copy I protect with my life.
    I would like to read an article on how his band wrote that album.
  • Dan from Winthrop, MaThe Joe Walsh version from the Warriors is more

    raw than the Eagles which is very professional.Joe Walsh joined the Eagles long before the Warriors
  • Alan from Sault Ste. Marie, OnIts like a fine wine after a great dinner. A fine movie with a great song, doesn't get much better.
  • Louis from Brownstown Twp, MiWorriors is my for ever movie
  • Louis from Brownstown Twp, MiIn the City is my for ever song
  • Al from New York, NyThis song was expressly written for "The Warriors", which is not only one of my favorite films, but this song is one of the best uses of a song in a film. If you haven't, please see "The Warriors"...films don't get any better.
  • Jeff from Cleveland, Ohin the book for the greatest hits album i have i believe it was Glenn Frey that said Joe Walsh wrote it but they (joe and the rest of the band) thought it would be better as an Eagles song, so they put it on some albums. Mind you i did not think this up, i got it from the info book from the greatest hits album "The Best of the Eagles" I also really like this song as well as joe walshes song Lifes Been Good.
  • Joe Snyder from Natchez, MsActually the song is not an Eagles song, They were hired to sing backup vocals. A professional relationship developed and Walsh joined the band and the song was added to the album.
  • Luke from Katy, TxYour song in the city is so cool i always listen to it on my mp3 player i don,t know what to say so good luck Joe Luke Noles
  • Mike from Hueytown , AlYep this is an Eagles song. You can hear Frey and Schmidt doing background vocals. Kick ass song ! Joe Walsh is the man
  • Maggie from San Francisco, CaWarriors was a great movie. had NO idea this song was written for the film!
  • Patty from New York City, NyThe Eagles are the best band in the whole world!
  • Malicious Matt from SquatneyJoe Walsh kicks serious ass! Great song.
  • Cody from Hagerstown, MdThis is the best Joe Walsh song ever and the warriors movie is really good to so is the video game if you have not seen the warriors you have to it's the bomb mike beck and james remar play in it.
  • David from Prescott, WiThe version on "The Long Run" is different from the version on The Warriors soundtrack. The Warriors version is better.
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaI thought this was an Eagles song. It's on many of their "Greastest Hits albums." People who say that The Long Run was a bad album r wrong. Just cuz some of the songs are bad, doesn't mean the album is bad. Appreciate the use in the warriors.
  • Cliff from Fort Wayne, InThis song can also be found on the Eagles "The Long Run" album.
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