Bigger Than My Body

Album: Heavier Things (2003)
Charted: 72 33
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  • John wrote this song "After going to a Coldplay concert and feeling inspired to not only make music equally as moving, but to explain that feeling in words." >>
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    Beth - Charleston, SC

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  • Katie from Cranston, RiJohn may not be the most amazing lyricist in the world. But his words are honest. You can tell they come from his heart. His songs are moments in time and messages and ideas that he felt the need to pen down and put into song. I believe that John would be doing nothing but playing music all day regardless of weather or not he had a record deal. The "monkey comment" was clearly made by a bitter soul.
  • Adam from Poplar Bluff, MoI heard an interview for VH1 where he says that going to see Coldplay live inspired him to write this song, so I believe it.
  • Carly from Chicago, IlI don't know if I beleive this Coldplay buisness, I've never heard him mention Coldplay in any interview. I could be wrong it just doesn't seem to fit.
  • Scotty from Greenville, NcPersonally, whoever says John Mayer's lyrics "could be typed up by a monkey" is out of his mind. John Mayer's lyrics are very abstractly motivated and talk about a lot more than what's on the surface. But it also has that concept of discussing things that are right in front of your face in a way you've never heard it. If you think Mayer's lyrics are crappy, it's because you couldn't come up with anything better.
  • Michael from Sydney, AlActually I think you'll find its about the fact he feels trapped in a material body, while he knows he is in fact so much more, a angle so to speak, waiting for his wings to grow, its not his only song that has this theme, No Such Thing is about how this world is one big lie that we have to rise above - Im sure he was inspired by Coldplay, but I think you'll find it was there lyrics
  • Lennonfan11 from Regawrhhrh, IcelandI know it's about wanting to make better music, but when I was younger I thought this song was a total ego-trip on how great John Mayer thought he was. I never really listened to it until now, and I like it a lot.
  • Abigail from Port Of Spain, OtherHe has a great voice. he sings songs that are made especially for him and although he looks kinda wierd he's still on one of my favourite artistes.
  • Sarah from Chicago, IlI love John Mayer he is my favorite singer and his songs are GREAT they have meaning and the music itself is great good guitar playing and I think its great the guy writes all his own songs so you have the feeling they have some inner truth and inspiration and just not carbon copied crap to sell a record
  • Mark from Barry's Bay, Ontario, CanadaHey, people, Mayer is an outstanding guitar player, one of the best young ones out there today, but as far as being a songwriter, he is crap. His lyrics are cliche, and his songs could be typed up by a circus monkey. I know he makes you girls feel warm and fuzzy inside, but he is a blues guitarist. the only reason he plays pop stuff is so people buy cd's and tickets.
  • Annabeth from Kutztown, Paprops to Hannah for spelling inane correctly. Now, on to the actual comment. I have a sneaking suspicion that Mayer only ever signed with a recording company so he could do nothing but play guitar all day, every day. He's extremely intense, and you can tell he loves playing music. Also, he's very dedicated and serious about his music. When he got his first electric, it was for sale in a store, and he "took it home and played it all night." Most musicians would just say this to make an impression, but he actually did this.
  • Rachel from Oxford, OhMy fave Mayer video.
  • Roman from Denver, CoI saw him play at the crossroads guitar festival
    in Dallas on June 6th. He was part of a blues jam that featured Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Buddy
    Guy & Jimmie Vaughan...very impressive!
  • Krista from Halifax, CanadaJohn Mayer is a amazing singer! he is not like other artist out there! his songs have great meanings! and after a bad day its nice to sit at home and listen to his music! He is a awesome guitar player! is nice to have a guy like him out in the music world!
  • Hannah from Lacrosse, WiI love this song. John Mayer is one of my favorite artists. He isn't some average singer that sings about drugs and crap like that.His lyrics are meaningful unlike other artists whose lyrics are totally inane. (I did not mispell insane, inane is a word. look it up.) I think John Mayer's lyrics are very meaningful.
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