Album: Jonas Brothers (2007)
Charted: 13 17


  • This was written by Nick Jonas. He says that it is based on an actual girl but he won't disclose who. The song is about a boy who is angry with his girlfriend for bringing her friends with her on a date that was supposed to be just them. >>
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  • Nick Jonas penned this song in 10 minutes. It became their first Top 20 hit.
  • In an interview with America Online (AOL), Kevin Jonas said that this was his favorite song on the album, because: "its so fun to play and I love the dance-oriented beat that it has."
  • This is only the second Top 20 charting song in America after ABBA's song of the same name in which the title of the song is a palindrome - spelling the same thing forward and backward. However in ABBA's case the group's name is a palindrome as well. It could be argued that the Rihanna's "S.O.S." falls into the category as well, though her song is more generally known by its longer title, "S.O.S. (Rescue Me)."
  • Moises Arias from the TV series Hannah Montana appears in the video, which was filmed on the ship "Queen Mary," located in Long Beach, Southern California.
  • The Jonas Brothers recorded the album in just 21 days. It got a huge promotional push from The Disney Channel and Radio Disney, and debuted at #5. Within 3 weeks, it had tripled the sales of their first album. On the group's MySpace site, Kevin Jonas wrote: "The first one was us kind of coming into what the Jonas Brothers could be. Whereas this one really shows off where we're at right now." >>
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  • Kevin Jonas told I Like Music about this song: "The entire vibe of the album is very positive and very upbeat. It definitely talks about personal experiences that we have gone through. SOS is a song about a broken heart. About going on a date but having a terrible situation happen. For us it was definitely fun to record and play live. It is amazing! You will hear the song and never have any idea that we were talking about walking on broken glass from the way it is produced. It is cool to be able to put a song about heartbreak to the sound of something upbeat and fun."

    He added that it's his favorite track on the album, explaining: "You know playing SOS in the studio is amazing. We went out on a limb with that song, not knowing what people would think. It was originally never our first single in America, a song called 'On' was. Then, when the song was released, we saw SOS starting to rise on the iTunes site. After two weeks it was number one! And we freaked out!"

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  • Amanda from Gretna, Vtokay, i clicked this page by accident while trying to find the ABBA song sos and for some reason i have the urge to always read the comments. crazy, i know. so i read the comments and out of all of them there is only one i said NO to. Rocio from Canberra , Australia The Jonas Brothers are NOT the next Beatles. Hell no! the "Jo Bros" are all right for the little kids i know and if they like them i just roll myu eyes and keep my mouth shut. but if people start saying they're the next Beatles, well i just have to say something.
  • Rose from Dallas, TxOn the top 10 best JoBro Songs evar 4 sure!
  • Al from Philadelphia, PaI really doudt that these fake,manafactured excuses for musicians that the record companys are force feeding to all you 6-12 year old girls are gonna last a long time. i give em 2 years at most.
  • Rocio from Canberra , AustraliaThey've been described as this gen's Beatles... Hanson only lasted 2 or so years... they weren't this huge! or this talented, come on? mmm bop??? seriously???... Sorry to all the haters but the Jo Bros are sticking round for a long time.
  • Rocio from Canberra , AustraliaHAHA makes me laugh... Why do the haters come on here and comment??? seriously, if you hate them so much then GET A LIFE and stop wasting your time and ours writing on here!... JONAS ROCKS!
  • Mark from Londonderry, Nhi agree with most ppl in this comment area. Jonas Brothers SUCK!. They're net rock, not even pop rock. Im only 13 and i can play metallica, aerosmith, deep purple, black sabbath, and all those other bands on guitar. Long live REAL ROCK and metal
  • Al from Philidelphia, Pain fact go listen to some of those bands i listed and then you can voice your opinion
  • Al from Philidelphia, Pastrange, every time i hear about the jonas barfers it irritates me and makes me laugh at the same time. all you 6-12 year old girls can listen to them if you want to but dont call them rock. in a few years when you come to your senses and dont want to even think about the jonas barfers, try listening to some real music (ie, led zeppelin ac/dc van halen black sabbath judas priest iron maiden mettallica alice in chains pearl jam nirvana,and not just smells like teen spirit either, even stp) and then youll know what real rock is.
  • Daniel from Nashville, TnO.K. all you tweenage girls. I know you won't find it on MTV or Disney channel. But look up and listen to a couple of bands called, "Led Zeppelin" and "The Beatles". If you did you would understand what they mean by rock music. These guys were handpicked by music executives to make millions off of you all, BECAUSE of their looks and exposure. I hope you know that real musicians laugh at these guys for getting so much exposure with so little musical talent. If they werent on disney, wore masks, and played the EXACT same music, would you still but the albums? Honestly?
  • Marley from Springfield, NjThe jonas brothers do not even play real music. the guitar is laughable and they can sing about as well as a cat with throat cancer. Don't say I'm jealous because I play guitar about 1000 times as good as them and I just keep getting better.
  • Bob from Dumbsville, BelarusThe Jonas Brothers just suck. They're not real rockers. They're are wanna-be's who only got to where they are now because of their looks. Their guitars are a joke and don't even get me started on their voices(or what they call voices). At least earlier bands like nsync, the backstreet boys, and 98 degrees had at least some musical talent. You will never see a guy at their concerts unless they are taking their daughter or their girlfriend. And for all those girls who are just mesmerized by them, don't leave a comment defending them that says I only said these things because I'm jealous of them because I'm not. Besides, there's nothing to be jealous of.
  • J.d. from Austin, TxThe Jonas brothers are the next Nsync. In 2 years, no one will care. And nick jonas is not a phenomenal song writer, if you want to hear that, buy abbey road by the beatles. And I'm not jealous, i can play the guitar better than all of them and lip sync twice as good
  • Mike from Falmouth, MaFace it those 3 are just this generations version of Hanson. In 2, 3 years tops people will care less about whether they're still alive.
  • Meredith from Rock Hill, ScI love you JoBros. this so is what i wake up to in the morning. i cant help but to jump up and start danceing.
  • Emily from Crawfordsville, InI love the Jonas Brothers and Nick is hot. the dude from boise is just jealous because they are more talented and better looking then he'll ever be.
  • Brittany from Townsville, AustraliaI really like S.O.S by JONAS BROTHERS its a really rockin song. if you agree you are like the best!
  • Maya from Haifa, IsraelI totally love them!!! they are great1!!they have such good songs!
    i wish i could meet them or see thre concerts......
    i hope they come to israel soon!!

  • Bethanii from Okc, OkI LOVE THESE BOYS! Nick is soo good at writing their songs. i wish i could meet them. it would be soooo much fun to hang out with them just to hang out. :]
  • Randi from Culpeper, VaChris thats sooooo mean the Jonas brothers are AWESOME! And they've been homeschooled their whole lives which makes them double awesome
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