Never Walk Away

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  • The Revelation album marked the Journey recording debut for Filipino lead vocalist Arnel Pineda. Guitarist Neal Schon told All Access Magazine that this was one of the songs that persuaded the band that he should be their singer.

    He explained: "This was one of the songs which Pineda sung when auditioning for the band. Well, when Arnel finally got his visa together, he came in and we rehearsed for three days and he auditioned live. He went better and better every day. The fourth day, we went into Jonathan Cain's studio and we had a couple new songs that we were working on, 'Never Walk Away' and 'Where Did I Lose Your Love.' The music was already there, the demo was already there, the voice was just not on it. So we had Arnel listen to it. He just listened to it – never heard it before – and went out into the studio and started singing. We had to teach him the lines and the melody, but he got it so quickly. He's a natural in the studio. I was talking to Jon about it and was like… jeez. I mean, here he is, here's our guy! We both looked at each other and agreed and that was pretty much it. It was a done deal."
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  • Stu from Philly, PaThis song has such a classic feel, and gives me chills when i hear it.
  • Ruel from Cavite, PhilippinesGot a cpy of classic rock magazine and Never walk away is one of the featured songs on the CD of that Magazine. Wow.So great
  • Ruel from Cavite, PhilippinesHope that their songs from revelation will make it BIG to the charts. They were so great great songs after Trial by Fire or even their greatest Hits album.
  • Ruel from Cavite, PhilippinesYeah, i love this song. It's the first original song on their Revelation album. SOunds so very very great. Got an album from them. Thanks to Journey and arnel, you've made it a great songs ever with the revelation album.
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