My Hallelujah Song

Album: Julianne Hough (2008)


  • The 9513 asked Julianne Hough which was her favorite song on the album. She replied: "My Hallelujah Song really hits home because it talks about, 'I can't believe I finally made it here,' and, 'I feel like I'm right where I belong.' And it's the actual truth, because everybody's helped me along the way, and I can't thank them enough. This is really my dream. And everybody has their hallelujah song, whether it be in work or just in life having a family or anything, it's about you being in the right place right now in your life, and feeling like you've worked so hard for it, and finally you're getting there."
  • Julianne Hough commented on her website regarding this up-tempo track, which is about being thankful for our most cherished moments. Said Hough: "I just feel like everybody needs a hallelujah song. No matter what you're doing in life - whether you are working at your dad's company, playing soccer or being a little ballerina - that's your hallelujah song. It's when you feel like you're right where you're supposed to be and I'm happy right where I am."
  • This was written by Music Row hitmakers Craig Wiseman and Steve McEwen (Just A Dream).

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  • Amos from Miami, FlThis is a great song, I've never heard it before until now, & I love it! The strange thing is that my name is Julianne too! But Julianne isn't a popular name, so it's quite interesting!
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