Body Shots

Album: Bring It On (2010)
  • This is the second single from American pop singer Kaci Battaglia's sophomore studio album Bring It On. The song features Atlanta rapper Ludacris and was released via iTunes and on July 13, 2010.
  • Battaglia wrote the song with longtime collaborators Michael Grant, Arianna Wilson, Jarreau Pitts and Trevor Pitts. The song's lyrics are based on a conversation that Battaglia had with some of her girlfriends before her 21st birthday. She explained on her Facebook page: "I had been talking to some of my friends about what we were going to do when I turned 21, and they were pushing for me to try a body shot. Later that day, when we were in the studio, I decided to see if I could capture what that experience might be like in a song. It was really fun to write and it already goes down a storm when I perform it live!"

    What's a "body shot"? It depends who you ask, but you need two people to do it, and it usually involves tequila. One person puts some salt on their neck and a lime wedge in their mouth, then another person licks the salt, drinks a shot of tequila, and bites the lime.
  • The song reached #1 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Songs, Battaglia's second successive single following Crazy Possessive to achieve the top spot on that chart.
  • The video features Kaci and some girls dancing in the studio and Ludacris make a guest appearance too. Battaglia said regarding the clip: "Ludacris and I had an incredible time shooting the clip with European director, Stephanie Pistel - working in studios in both New York and Miami. We took a very symbolic approach to the video and hope that we came up with something classy, fresh and fun."


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