Good as You

Album: Experiment (2018)
Charted: 36


  • "Good as You" is a love song about a sweet-hearted girl who is so kind and good, she inspires her man to be a better person.
  • It may take a hundred lifetimes to do
    But baby I just want to be good as you

    The R&B-inflected jam is Kane Brown's personal tribute to his partner Katelyn Jae. "The story behind 'Good as You' is basically just writing about my wife," Brown told ABC Radio, "and just how sweet she is, and the little things she does to make people feel special."

    "She never wants anybody mad at her," the singer added. "You know, she just always does the little things, so I just want to be as good as she is."
  • Kane Brown and Katelyn Jae got married at the picturesque Mint Springs Farm in Franklin, Tennessee on October 12, 2019 and the singer filmed the entire nuptials to create a music video for this song. "It was a way that fans could see our wedding," Kane explained of the romantic clip, "and it was also just a way to have our own wedding video that's a little unique."
  • A second video was filmed for the song, which finds Kane Brown honoring his mom and grandmother. The pair showed him unconditional love and support in a household where money was often scarce. Brown explained to CMT: "I was raised with strong women around me. My mom worked multiple jobs and my nana truly was a sheriff in my town."

    "To be able to honor them is incredible, because no matter how much we struggled, my mom and nana never let me see it. They sheltered me from any problems," he added, "and I appreciate them for that."
  • The clip features Lonnie Chavis as Young Kane Brown. Chavis played the 9-12 year-old version of the Randall character on NBC's comedy-drama series This Is Us.
  • Kane Brown wrote the song with Brock Berryhill, Shy Carter, Will Weatherly and Taylor Phillips. Originally the five writers were struggling to get going - they just didn't know what to write about that day.

    "And then, Shy Carter broke out his little ukulele and started playing," Brown recalled to ABC Radio. "And then, Will Weatherly put some drums to it, and we just got this good feel."

    "Then all of a sudden," he continued, "Taylor Phillips was like, 'What about, like, girl I want to be just as good as you?' And we were like, 'Oh, we like that. It sounds good.'"

    "So we just ran with it," Brown added. "And then the song we wrote in 45 minutes."


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