• This seven-minute tale of a night out in the band's home city of Leicester is one of several of tracks on 48:13 inspired by the close, brotherly relationship between Kasabian songwriter and guitarist Serge Pizzorno and singer Tom Meighan. The latter told NME: "'Treat,' more than anything, is about looking in the mirror at your bad self. With me and Serge there's kind of a good side of us and an evil side of us. He's my evil twin and I'm his evil twin, it's true. It's the flip of a coin, two sides, two faces."
  • Pizzorno told the BBC: "There's a moment in 'Treat' where the track drops out just as we say Leicester which is, like, a proper move. Leicester is so important to us. We all still live there."
  • The song includes the lost-the-plot lyric "I'm stood here naked with a junky sinking margueritas."

    Pizzorno told Q magazine: "That's about a friend of mine, that particular line. But y'know, we've all been in a moment when you've just gone."
  • The track blossoms into an extended, percolating synth coda. "I felt that song had a really futuristic sound, like future rock," Pizzorno told the BBC. "In my head, I was like, 'How do you end a song like that?' And obviously, psychedelic music has been a huge part of my life. And with modern psychedelia, what do you do? You go off into space. That's how you end that song."
  • Ben Kealey, Kasbian's touring keyboardist, plays the Wurlitzer electric piano on this track.


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