Leave It Open

Album: The Dreaming (1982)


  • "Leave It Open" finds Kate Bush singing about how human beings are like receptive vessels, opening and closing ourselves down at different times. She explained in a fan newsletter:

    "Like cups, we are filled up and emptied with feelings, emotions - vessels breathing in, breathing out. This song is about being open and shut to stimuli at the right times. Often we have closed minds and open mouths when perhaps we should have open minds and shut mouths."
  • The song closes with a line Bush sings backwards: "We let the weirdness in."
  • "Leave It Open" explodes at the climax with thunderous gated drums. Kate Bush told engineer Nick Launay that she wanted the drums to sound like cannons firing at them from across a valley.

    "We got corrugated iron from a building site and put it around the kit," Launay remembered to Mojo magazine. "We were making loops and just experimenting madly. I think the word 'Wow' was used a lot. It was like being in a toy shop."


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